Thursday, December 2, 2010

A year later...

A year ago yesterday, Jimi signed his John Hancock a million and a half times and our little private slice of Heaven in South Louisville officially became ours in exchange for nearly one thousand of our US dollars each month for the next 30 years.  I don't like giving them so much of our monies, but other than that, it's been a dream come true.  I still love our little sanctuary as much as I did the first time we walked through it - probably more so, actually.  I still love the old-fashioned peep-hole, the built-in pantry in the dining room, the big front porch, the huge front yard, all the storage space in the basement and garage.  I've learned to love the things I didn't notice at first, like how solid the plaster walls are and the fact that the house holds its temperature really well.  I love our quiet little neighborhood, our friendly neighbors, the short drive to work. 

I love our house, and if all of our years there are as happy as the first has been, I'm going to want to live here forever. 

(I already want to live here forever.  As long as Jimi's here with me.  He makes the house a home.)

My goals for our second year here:

Plant and grow and harvest a garden. 
Can we look into maybe doing something about the brown carpet?  And the linoleum?  Maybe?
I'm totally going to organize the basement.  One of these days. 
And we need to address the issue of the raccoon that has taken to climbing up our downspout and who has apparently set up residence inside the walls of our attic.

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