Today I'm Grateful For...

An exercise in self-exploration,
and also an attempt to open my eyes more to the world around me, 
to help me remember to focus on the good in my life 
and the things I'm glad for.  

1. The last 10 years.
2. New Beginnings.
3. remembering, and becoming, who I am.

1. Cora Jaymes
2. Geneva Aibhilin
3. James Stanley

1.  Geneva Aibhilin Fowler
2.  Jimi
3.  My life.  It's fucking awesome.

1.  I'm thankful I can go to the doctor and receive quality medical care, without fear of how I'm going to pay for it.
2.  I'm thankful that I have a partner who loves me and is concerned with my well-being.
3.  I'm thankful to have employment where I am appreciated and well-compensated for my hard work, and where my pregnancy is something people are excited about, not something that causes job-security anxiety.   

1.  I'm going to be a Momma!
2.  Jimi's going to be the best baby-daddy ever.
3.  Food.  Lots and lots of food. 

1.  A cold bedroom, a warm man, a heavy comforter, and a silent alarm clock.
2.  Saturday mornings that are silent but for the click of the computer keys and the hum of the furnace.
3.  No obligations, the day is mine!

(Why did I stop doing this?  I must've forgotten about it.  D'oh!)
1.  Making enough money to pay off my debts.  Monday is the day.
2.  Jimi, who has been my buffer as I worked to reach this point.  YAY for a dual income home.
3.  My brother, and his ongoing recovery.  He's such a good person when he's sober.  

1.  I have a job and it pays my bills and keeps me fed.
2.  Stacy.
3.  Momma.

1.  My Great-Grandmother, Mae Edwards, who turns 99 years old today.  Happy Birthday, Grandma, and thank you for having my Granny, so she could have my Momma, so my Momma could have me!
2.  Those who have served our nation at home and abroad, and their families.  

1.  A basement that doesn't leak - mostly
2.  Animals that aren't scared of thunder storms
3.  Trees that aren't too close to my house.

1.  My Momma
2.  My Daddy
3.  My Jimi
4.  My life

1.  Overabundance of all things good.
2.  Strawberry cake with fun-fetti icing and vanilla ice cream
3.  Family.

1.  Life is just so fucking good.

1.  31 years and a day
2.  That man by my side.
3.  Family that loves me.

1.  SPRING!!!
2.  Blogging is awesome, isn't it?  I never knew there were so many awesome women out their writing about their lives.
3.  Everything else.

1.  I know where my family is.
2.  My home is standing.
3.  I can flip a switch or turn a knob and I've got electricity and water at whatever temperature I desire.  

1.  Jimi unclogged the shower drain last night.  I was pretty thankful that I didn't have to see the wad of hair and various body gunk that came out of the pipe.  And it was nice to shower not standing in 2 inches of water.
2.  My family is healthy and sane, for the most part.  What a huge blessing that is.
3.  My job.  All these problems I'm having?  Nothing compared to the ones I'd have if I wasn't working. 

1.  The treadmill.
2.  Legs.
3.  Showers.

1.  My Momma.

1.  All of it.
2.  For The Love Of Blogs
3.  Everything

1.  Easy like Sunday Morning.
2.  My Momma.  We're getting haircuts and facials together this week.  I can't wait!
3.  No Work!  YAY!

1.  Everything.  All of it. 
2.  Jimi, of course. 

1.  I'm thankful I'm not being graded on how well I keep up with my list of things I'm thankful for.  Or am I?  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!
2.  I'm thankful that I live in oblivious comfort, that I'm able to pretend trivial matters are important.  This shit in the Middle East, and the shit that's happening in our own back yard - it's scary shit, man.  Scary shit indeed.
3.  I'm having a good week at work.  I'm glad I work where I work, with the people I work with.  I'm fortunate.
4.  Jimi.  He's so awesome.  I love him so hard.  

1.  My boss knows I'm not a liar.
2.  Jimi's taking Finn to Behavior Training tonight.  I'm thankful for this because if he didn't, I'd probably go to jail for throwing things at the instructor.
3.  It's almost 5 o'clock.

1.  Life.  It's good.
2.  63 degrees in the middle of February in Kentucky?  Yes, please.
3.  I've got a chocolate stash.  Thank God.

(Ha!  I suck at keeping up with this.)

1.  A lover to spend Lovers' Day with.
2.  Jimi
3.  Love

1.  Bonus.  Holy cow, am I grateful.
2.  My boss. 
3.  Change.  Good change.

1.  Took Finn to the vet yesterday.  Today, I'm grateful that is over.
2.  A nap at lunchtime.
3.  At least it's not terminal?

1.  That half a sleeping pill that let me sleep straight through the night.
2.  A lunch break.
3.  A job I don't hate.

1.  Things always work out, one way or another.
2.  "Wintery Mix"
3.  PT, which Jimi finally attended.  YAY!

2.  Good Food, Friends, Family
3.  All the stuff I was grateful for yesterday and Friday.

1.  Pay Day.  Not that I've got any money to spend after bills are paid, but at least the bills are paid. 
2.  Friday.

1.  Dr. R, for accepting same-day appointments.
2.  Jimi, for buying the groceries and forcing me to make good choices.
3.  The Boss, for being a friend. 

1.  Jimi.  When I got home last night, he was waiting up for me; said he couldn't go to bed or try to sleep until he knew I was home safe.
2.  Kimmie's Mom and Dad, 
for making my friend and all of her awesome. 
3.  Kimmie.  For being my friend.  And for being awesome.  

1.  No ice in Louisville.  
2.  The freedom to bitch about our Nation's leaders when they do stupid shit.
3.  Friendship.

1.  I woke up this morning.
2.  And had a job to go to.
3.  So I guess my bills will get paid this month.

1.  Jimi
2.  Momma
3.  Weekends

1/29/11 - Day Seven
1.  Sleeping in.  Way too late.
2.  Rick's culinary skills.
3.  Social skills, even if they only come intermittently.  

1/28/11 - Day Six
1.  The neighbor who brought my bad dog home when he escaped the yard.  
2.  The freedom to express my opinions, even if others don't agree with me.
3.  Friday.

1/27/11 - Day Five
1.  Co-workers who understand and for some reason accomodate my finicky food choices.
2.  My new-found will-power that keeps me from buying a pack of cigarettes on my way home every day.
3.  The treadmill left behind by this house's previous owner.

1/26/11 - Day Four
1.  Fuck it.  Jimi.
2.  Kim.
3.  Finn and Q

1/25/11 - Day Three
1.  Polite customers
2.  My health.
3.  Barack Obama.

1/24/11  -  Day Two
1.  I have a job; Even if I don't want to go to it every day, at least I have it.
2.  A boss with a sense of humor.
3.  A man who sings.  While he puts away the dishes. (Swoon)

1/23/11  -  Day One*
1.  Jimi; specifically, how much he loves me.  
2.  Love; from him, from family, from friends
3.  Happiness; I'm so happy today;
no particular reason, I'm just glad to be alive.

*I'm going to try hard not to repeat "Jimi",  "Love" and "Happiness" over and over again, 
but I suspect (I hope, at least) 
they will continue to be major themes in my world 
for a good long time to come.


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