Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy like Sunday Morning.

Sometimes I put titles on my blog entries before I start writing them, like as a guide to help me stay on target and take this where I want it to go.  Usually I just start typing and then, if it's not complete tripe and has a general theme, I'll figure out a title after I'm done writing.  "Easy like Sunday Morning"...That was there before this part was, and I'm about 98% certain I've used that title before.  I do that; I repeat myself all the time.  I'm like a loop of the same words over and over and over again, the same stories, the same emotions, the same random ridiculousness.

We bought a pummelo yesterday.  It's spelled "pummelo" on the little sticker on the fruit, but the internet says it's supposed to be spelled "pomelo", so we'll go with that.  Neither of us knows anything about this; according to Wikipedia it's like a sweet grapefruit.  Hmm. I guess we'll see.  We don't know how to tell if it's ripe, so I hope we don't do it wrong.

We're going to see Harry Potter 7.1 this morning.  YAY!  I don't like to see movies in the theater, but for the HP movies I'm willing to make exceptions...assuming we're able to go at matinĂ©e prices, of course.  I should be showering but instead I'm writing.  This will end poorly.

James is bringing over eatin' rabbits this afternoon.  They will be alive, though - we're getting them for a friend of Jessie & Stacy's, whose grandfather is dying and wanted a meal of fried rabbit before he dies.  Jessie said he'd take care of the killin', skinnin', preppin' parts.  I don't want anything to do with any of it.  In my world, rabbits are for pettin', not eatin'.  But whatever.

I made blondies last night and burnt them.  That'll piss you right the fuck off.  Now I just want to say screw it to the whole Christmas baking thing, but we spent a million dollars on chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk and if I don't produce some edible deliciousness Jimi's gonna have something to say about it.  Ho ho ho

I have to go shower.  This entry sucks and doesn't deserve a title, but I'll try harder next time.  Happy Sunday!

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