Monday, December 27, 2010

Okay, Christmas is over.  I can start blogging again.  

Thursday was Jimi's birthday, and then we hosted Jimi's family on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day was spent at my Momma's before finishing the night (passing out) at Karen's.  So.  Much.  Fun.  All of it; it was all wonderful and happy and exactly what holidays are supposed to be.  

Yesterday, I recovered.  Literally, as I'd had way too much wine on Christmas. 

And now vacation has officially begun. We visited with Rick this afternoon, and tonight we'll be making fruit leather and dried fruit with Jimi's new food dehydrator.  I've got billing and emails that need my attention before I hit the hay tonight, too.  

I'm trying to form a "year in review" type post; it's been a full one, and I'll want it to look back on some day.  But then I think, "Isn't this blog already a review of my world?"  Maybe a review post is redundant.  Oh well; I'll figure it out.  

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