Thursday, November 13, 2014

40 weeks 4 days...the waiting game continues

She's like her sister, I guess.  YAY!  I've joked from the beginning that this one would be 2 weeks late too...I should've kept my fool mouth shut.  I'm so ready to meet this little girl.  I'm so ready to not be pregnant any more.

I'm not miserable, just impatient.  My hip pain has mostly subsided.  I don't have swollen ankles or feet or hands - still wearing my wedding rings, in fact.  No carpal tunnel this time around, either.  No hemorrhoids.  I'd say these things all qualify as big deal pregnancy achievements.

I'm tired, though.  And I'm anxious to move on to the next step - finding out what it's like to be a mom to two little girls.  I want to see how Geneva is going to be as a big sister (I know she's going to be wonderful).  Every night for the last week or so, I hope that I wake up to the tightening/cramping that indicates something's happening, but every night it's just my bladder that rouses me from sleep.

I'm too impatient for this waiting game.  I shouldn't be in such a rush.  I can't help it - it's just my nature.

Wish me luck that tonight's the night!  Cross your fingers for a smooth, easy delivery and a healthy, strong little girl.


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