Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is me, taking a calm breath and not screaming. 

This is me, focusing on the good.

This is me, accepting the things I cannot change.

This is me, being strong enough to change what I can.

This is me, being wise enough to know the difference.

Yeah right.

This is me, ready to scream and cry and yell and throw things.  And breaking something would be awesome, too.  I need a box of cheap tile.  It makes the best breaking sounds.

This is my mantra:  It's just a job.  You're lucky to have a job.  All jobs are hard some days.  They pay you a good wage.  You get to wear jeans to work.  Does the dog need to go out?  You should take the dog out and calm down for a minute.  Fuck - the phone is for me AGAIN?!

This is my problem:  I'm too fucking popular at work.  Why does everyone need me for every little blasted thing?  Why does every phone call have to be for me? 

This is my other mantra:  Job security, Natalie.  Being indisposable means you've got job security.

This is me, bitching about job security in a time of 10% unemployment in our Nation.

This is me, taking a deep breath and smiling at the coupons for free breakfast items from Wendy's.  It's the small things, right? 

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