Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gluttony makes it hard to sleep.

We had our office Christmas dinner last night; the boss treated us all to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  If you've never heard of it, it's a hoity toity fancy restaurant on top of the Kaden Tower here in town.  They've got the best steaks around, according to their reputation.

The food was good.  I had a crab-stuffed mushroom (there were 4 in the serving and I was supposed to be splitting them with Kim, but one was enough) and a bowl of their lobster bisque.  The bisque had wonderful pieces of lobster meat in it, but the stuff they make every Friday at The Bodega at Felice downtown is better, in my humble opinion.  For my main course, I followed the boss and his wife and ordered the Petite Filet, an 8 ounce filet mignon, and had it topped with bleu cheese.  I should've held off on the bleu cheese - the steak was probably better without it.  The meat was cooked to perfection and was melt-in-your-mouth tender.  I ordered the vegetable/potato trio as my side - I chose asparagus with hollandaise sauce, augratin potatoes, and onion rings for Jimi, who was much wiser than I and only ordered one side.  I didn't even try the potatoes - I was too focused on the meat and there just wasn't room for both.  The asparagus disappointed me.  It was room temperature and limp and the hollandaise sauce was served on the side, so I just dipped my limp spears.  It was tasty, but for an $8 serving of asparagus, I would've at least expected some heat and char marks or something; something more than limp and cold.  But whatever. 

For dessert Kim and I split their version of banana creme pie, and it was delicious, with caramelized bananas on top.  It also was the only part of the meal that was served in a manner that hinted at presentation - the rest of the food was brought out in small plain white casserole-like dishes with no garnish.  The pie was served in a large white bowl; around the rim, they caramelized sugar to make a cool textured pattern. 

Of course, I am very much a monkey-see, monkey-do sort of gal, so when the boss and his wife ordered a pot of coffee and were brought a Bodum press-pot full of delicious, Jimi and I had to order one of our own.  I had the dumb, though, and ordered regular rather than decaf.  I don't know what I was thinking - it was already 9 o'clock at night. 

We left the restaurant in a food-induced cloud of fat and happy, trying desperately to stave off the food coma that was threatening to engulf us all.  OMG, SO MUCH FOOD.

When we got back to my place, Kim and I decided the night wasn't quite over yet, so we hung out and gabbed and drank a few beers and talked about how a dinner that expensive should at least include a sprig of parsely or two for presentation's sake.  We're catty bitches, yes; and ungrateful too.  Okay, not really; it was the first time we'd been to this place, and after hearing it hyped up for years and years about how amazing the food is...well, it just wasn't quite what I'd expected.  It was delicious and the atmosphere was fantastic, it just wasn't as mind-blowing as I'd been told it would be.  I'm still very appreciative to the boss and the company for treating us so generously. 

Anyhow, so after Kim left for her home, it was after midnight and I was ready to crash.  I fell asleep pretty quickly, but then I woke up at 3 or so and never really went back to sleep.  Stoopid coffee.  Stoopid full belly.  I wasn't the only one; Kim is dragging ass today too - she shared some of our non-decaf coffee too, and says she didn't fall asleep until after 3.  I don't think she realized it was regular, because who orders regular coffee at 9 o'clock at night?  I'm sorry, Kimmie.

So another office holiday party has come and gone, and I didn't even get drunk and dance on a table.  There's always next year.  I'll try harder next year.  :)

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