Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yada yada yada...blah blah blah

This getting up early thing rocks.  It's five after 7, and I've eaten breakfast, showered, and moisturized.  I've watched the news (wind chill factor today?  -1.  YAY!  not.), I've caught up on the blogs that were posted after I went to bed last night (at 9, when I fell asleep curled up next to Jimi on the jaxx sac, then again at a quarter to ten, when I woke up and realized I wasn't in bed and had WAY too many clothes on.), I've put on pantyhose (I mentioned the wind chill factor, right?  I'm wearing them under my jeans.  It's effing cold.).

I'm so productive in the wee hours of the a.m.  I really enjoy having this time to chill before I have to go start my crazy day at work; it helps get my head in a good place.  And it's so much less frustrating than tossing and turning and trying to fight for some more sleep between the times of 6 and 7:15, which had become my habit.  That only makes me grumpy and late.

I learned yesterday that my Brother will not be home for Christmas; he's going to be where he's at for at least 90 days, Momma says.  That certainly sucks.  Actually, I'm really bummed.  I miss my brother.  I'm so sad for him that he's having to spend the entire holiday season so far away from those who love him, without any comforts.  No Christmas dinner that Momma spent hours putting together, no presents Christmas morning, no 24 hours of A Christmas Story, no hanging out in the family room with coffee and games and Christmas music.  No guitar-playing, no singing with the family the carols we were taught by Granny and Papaw.  No hugs and I love yous.  I'm so sad for him.  :(

Okay, that bummed me out and now I can't remember all the other stuff I was going to write.

OH!  My little sprouts I posted about last week?  Yeah, they died over the weekend. Apparently they were not able to survive two whole days without watering.  Which seems a little high-maintenance, if you as me, so eff them.  I would be really sad about the loss of this mini-plant, but I was only able to plant like 5 seeds in that teeny tiny pot, so I put the other 83423849 seeds in the dirt of the corn plant - and they've all sprouted and are living happily ever after.  I think they probably need more sun, but they seem to be doing okay.  That corn plant tolerates anything - Finn buried a bone in it once:

A few weeks ago, it sprouted a mushroom.  And now, the little sprouts.  (I don't know what they are - I bought them at the Target, in the dollar bins - and they're supposed to be little green leaves with little white flowers.  I've only got sprouts with tiny little leaves right now.)

I want coffee.  Good coffee.  Have I mentioned it's cold here?

Happy Tuesday!

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