Friday, December 17, 2010

TGIF and all that jazz

There's a lot that has to happen this weekend; Christmas shopping needs to be finished, decorating can't be put off any longer, the house needs to be cleaned in preparation for Jimi's family coming over on Christmas Eve.  There are also a million parties and I feel like I need to go out and be social; I will probably feel different when it comes to actually dressing and leaving the house.

Just a random observation:  It would be hard to be a television morning show personality, especially thanks to the invention of HDTV.  They have to be pretty and perfect all the time.  Or is it all makeup?  I'd be all, "Good morning!  (Please don't mind that big zit on my chin.  His name is George.) We have an update on the Royal Wedding..."

I'm so glad the weekend is here.  Jimi's been practically begging me to make bread with him for weeks now; I've got to make that happen for him.  He wants to make a bunch of dough and freeze it.  I don't know what my objection is beyond I'm lazy and I don't want to get up off my ass.  I want to bake cookies and maybe make some fudge, too; I need little things to gift to some folks at work, and I've got no money to buy beer or lottery tickets for them, so I'll have to feed the sweet tooth instead.

I'm hungry.  And OH SHIT I just realized today is my boss's birthday and I'm supposed to stop on my way to work and pick up some stuff and things.  Gotta go.  Happy Friday!


  1. What are you guys doing tonight (Saturday)? This is the first volley. I will also text you in the light of day. :)

  2. Returned! We're not doing a thing beyond hoping you guys will come over and play Gloom with us!


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