Thursday, December 9, 2010

I need to rant for a minute.

If I don't like what you're wearing, I simply won't comment on it.  If I like what you're wearing, I'll say something like, "Oh, nice shoes" or "Oh, nice hat", but I would never, EVER look at you, decide I don't like your sweater, and then say "What happened to the sleeves on your sweater?  It looks funny".  You know what?  That's fucking rude.

And you know what else is rude?  Telling someone they're a bully when you know damn good and well they're just trying to get the fucking job done. 

And you know what else?  It's fucking rude to tell someone their relationship is bullshit, because they're not married.  It's fucking rude to tell someone that in 5 years they'll be a distant memory in the mind of the person they love right now, today.  It's fucking rude, and I'm amazed that anyone would say something so hurtful. 

And you know what else is fucked up?  Trying to act all high and mighty and just and good and Christian and shit, trying to be the final word on what is right and what is wrong, then in the next breath telling people about all your girlfriends your wife doesn't know about.  Or about the baby you fathered that you paid child support on for 14 years but never bothered to mention to your wife.  You're going to give ME relationship advice, tell ME what makes a relationship real and what doesn't, tell ME how to be right with the Lord, and that's where YOU are coming from?  Nah.  Fuck that, man.  That's fucked up.

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  1. Reading this makes me very angry too. I have no clue who said all of this to you, but they are very rude and extremely out of line.


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