One of these days, I'm gonna...

1.  Write a book.
2.  Publish a book.
3.  Run 4 times a week for a year.
4.  Do yoga   (following along to a youtube video doesn't count.)
5.  Do yoga often enough that I can do all the poses - even the really hard ones
6.  Graduate from college
7.  Have a credit score of 750
8.  Go to the beach
9.  Go to the mountains
10. Go to the Grand Canyon
11. Get a passport
12. Go to Europe
13. Go to Southeast Asia
14. Take my parents on a trip
15. Remodel the kitchen
16. Remodel the bathroom
17. Have a hot tub on my back porch
18. Landscape the flowerbeds in front of the front porch
19. Grow a garden
20. Harvest a garden
21. Weed a garden
22. Witness the birth of a child
23. Plant a fruit tree
24. Harvest fruit from a tree I planted
25. Own a king-sized bed
26. Take the dog for a walk every day
27. Put down the cigarettes forever
28. Have a million dollars
29. Go viral
30. Dance at my brother's wedding
31. Weigh what I weighed in high school
32. Join a book club
33. Volunteer once a year
34. Volunteer once a month
35. Volunteer once a week
36. Remember to call my mom every day
37. Diaper my grandchildren
38. Throw Jimi a 90th birthday party.
39. Throw my parents a 70th wedding anniversary party.
40. Read all the books on the top 100 books list that floats around Facebook.
41. Figure out how to use twitter (@nattums)
42. show up at all the events I say (via facebook) I'm attending
43. Re-pot that aloe plant
44. Re-pot that bromeliad
45. Become a semi-extreme coupon-er.
46. Maintain a year's supply of food storage
47. Have 72 hour kits


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