Monday, December 6, 2010

Dad visited with Brother yesterday.  I was supposed to go with, but instead I woke up with a head full of snot, a sore throat, a low fever, and a bad attitude.  I doubt any of them would've been welcome on the drive or at the jail.  But I feel guilty and wish I would've gone to see my bro.  Instead I spent my day wearing footie pajamas and watching bullshit on Netflix and napping and drinking juice and hot tea.

It's 7 o'clock Monday morning, and I've been up for over half an hour already - I've showered and everything!  I'm digging this get-up-early-and-fuck-off-for-a-while-before-work thing.  Watchin' the news, readin' the internets - I like it.  I feel better today than I did yesterday, though my head is still full of snot and my throat is a little touchy.  But I've decided it'll be a good day at work.

I've been maintaining the leg-shaving.  I know, you care.
How do single people get lotion on their backs?  I just tried.  I can't do it myself.
They're calling for a high of 28 degrees today.  Holy Frigid, Batman!

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  1. Hey Natalie! I got on Mojo for the first time in about a year and saw your link. I've been thinking about your brother a lot. I hope he's doing alright... and maybe learning a lesson this time? He has so much potential, I hope he realizes that.



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