Thursday, December 23, 2010

This may have disaster written all over it.

Jimi's either going to think I'm the best girlfriend ever or he's going to decide once and for all that women shouldn't cook.

I've made him a birthday cake, but I tried something new, and in retrospect, maybe his birthday cake wasn't the ideal time to start experimenting with new recipes.  If it sucks, I've got plenty of stuff to make a backup cake, but that would be sad.

Yesterday, our friend Andee brought Kim and I an amazing spread for lunch - a picnic basket full of goodies; grapes, green apples, caramel dip, strawberries, de-boned rotisserie chicken, crackers, almonds, hummus, a thermos full of apple cider - I mean, it was crazy.  She also brought two tins full of chocolate muffins, but these weren't just any chocolate muffins; they were made with only 2 ingredients - devils food cake mix and a can of pumpkin.  And they were delicious.  She made an offhand comment: "you can use any cake mix..."

So I made a cake with butter pecan cake mix and a can of pumpkin.  And I frosted it with cream cheese icing.  And I lined up pecans along the edges.  And I used those little sugar letters to spell out "Happy Birthday Jimi" and "I love you old fart" and then made a "39" out of the candles.

I hope it doesn't taste like poo.

I've got a meatloaf ready to go into the oven, too.  I don't eat meatloaf (I think I've mentioned that maybe?), but Alton Brown apparently does and so I used his recipe.  I hope it doesn't taste like poo.

I've got the potatoes cut and ready to boil for mashing.  The peas will only take a few minutes to steam, I'm assuming.

Only thing left to do is wait for the birthday boy to get home.

Oh, and I'm still not finished with my Christmas shopping.

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