Sunday, December 19, 2010

If you're reading this tripe regularly, you may remember how I mentioned at 6:45ish or so on Friday morning that there were bunches of parties happening this weekend and I was feeling the need to be social so I was going to go to some of them.  I didn't.  (I know, let's all act surprised together...ready...GO!)

We had dinner at Tumbleweed (of all places) with Stacy and Jessie Friday night.  I say "of all places" because Jimi and I promised each other we'd never eat there again because, well, it sucks balls.  (Why do we say things like "it sucks balls" or "you suck!" or "cocksucker!" like they're insults?  In reality, most men I know adore cocksuckers, and they mostly enjoy a little attention to their balls too...I'm just sayin'.  Maybe we as a society need to reconsider and revamp our slurs.  I tried to start a trend where I said "that's so gay!" any time something was awesome, but people mostly just looked at me funny and then turned away, so I figured it wasn't going to catch on quickly and I should probably stop before people stopped talking to me altogether.)  Anyhow, we don't eat at Tumbleweed; it's just not what we do.  But we did, and much to my pleasant surprise, it was good.  I had a steak and a baked potato for $8, and both were tasty and better than I'd expected.  The flavor and enjoyment of my $8 meal may or may not have been improved greatly by good company and a $6 top-shelf margarita...but then again, isn't everything?

The puppies are ready for their new homes and so Jimi and I have been reminded that if we're taking a puppy, we need to get on with it and pick the one we want before they all find new homes and we're left with one less desirable or none at all.  As if there's a such thing as a less-desirable puppy; they're all so freakin' cute and sweet.  I'm in love with no fewer than 3 of the 5 remaining pups, and I don't know how I'll ever decide between them.  Mostly I'm waiting for Jimi to fall in love with one in particular so that can be our new baby that we bring home and make part of our happy little family.  He's a pretty good judge of people; I can't see why it would be any different when it comes to judging dogs.  He picked Finn, after all.

Hey, i know this is going to shock the hell out of you, but we planned on cleaning up the house on Saturday and then didn't.  I know, be still your heart and all that.  What we did do was go to McAlister's for lunch (where I had baked potato #2 just over 12 hours after I'd eaten #1 - I really should try to expand my palate), then shopped at Target for what felt like a hundred kadrillion years.  Jimi made me wander the store and do my own thing while he picked up stocking stuffers for me, because heavenfreakinforbid we actually do shit apart from one another like Christmas Shopping.  Anyhow, I did manage to check one thing off my not-ever-going-to-get-smaller-if-I-don't-start-buying-more-than-one-thing-at-a-time list.  So now my Christmas shopping is still not done, but at least it's a little less not-done than it was on Friday.

Saturday evening we were invited to several parties, but alas our(my) anti-social tendencies won out.  Besides, we'd been trying to get together with Brennan and Tiffany for weeks and it just never worked; this weekend it did, so they came over with the intention of playing Gloom.  The cards got shuffled and the players sorted, but we never actually dealt a hand or played a game; instead I made (then, as previously mentioned, burned) a batch of blondies, we gabbed about relationships and gossiped about friends, we drank coffee and ate little chocolate and vanilla wafer cookies our guests had brought to share, we laughed and shared stories and told tales.  Brennan used to be over almost every weekend and now we go months without breaking bread together; it's always good to spend time catching up.

HP7.1 was entertaining, even if I did get a little bored and wonder "is it over yet?" a time or two.  I hate cliff-hangers.  I want it all, and I want it now - just call me Veruca Salt.

James brought the bunnies and I fed them carrots (the ones I bought at the farmer's market last Saturday and let go limp in the 'crisper') and petted them and then Stacy came and took them away to her home where they're going to be killed and turned into dinner.  I shouldn't have petted them.  Poor bunnies.

I only have to work three days this week, then I'm off until 1/3/11.  (I'm not counting the fact that I'll have to come in the Tuesday after Christmas to do billing as actual "work", as I'm going to pick up the paperwork and take it home with me to complete.  If I don't have to put on a bra and answer phone calls it doesn't count as an actual work day.  That's the rule in my head.)  Oh, I hope this week is not a bitch.

So.  Many.  Words.

Hope your week is a good one!

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