Wednesday, May 29, 2013

12 weeks 2 days

My baby girl, she's growing so fast.  And every day, my to do list grows, and blogging gets pushed further and further from the top.  I'll regret that one day; hell, I regret it already. 

So many changes, happening so very quickly.  I dropped her for the first time the day she turned 7 weeks.  She was in her Moby wrap, there was a dog that attacked Finn - somehow in the commotion, she fell out of the wrap and face-first into the grass.  I looked down and saw her little pink body spread-eagle in the sea of green and nearly died.  I scooped her up, her little face red from the screaming - but she was fine.  A few small surface scratches on her cheeks from the blades of grass, but otherwise none the worse for wear.  I still spent the next 3 hours staring at her, wondering if that vein on the side of her head was so visible before, or if she was maybe bleeding in her brain.  Eventually I accepted that she was fine, thanking my lucky stars that we're THOSE neighbors who never mow the grass timely, and so allowing her to have a nice soft cushion for her landing. 

And I make sure the Moby is plenty tight now.

She rolls over from her belly to her back.  Sometimes.  She loves...

She's awake.  Dinner time!


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