Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's Tuesday. Here's what I think:

I'm so damned impressed by these kids in Florida.  I hope they change the world.  I'm trying to convince Jimi we need to go to Washington DC in March.  I may just go by myself.

Arctic ice is melting. Russia totally fucked up our last election.  More people died because someone's feelings were hurt.  Are we great again?

So many complicated thoughts.  So many things to worry about.  My kids ate cupcakes at 8:30 tonight.  WTF?

But.  Mountain pose.  Pay attention to your breath.  Be in the moment.  Calm.  Steady.

It isn't all bad.  There's Sheli and Dot.  And Mom.  And Jimi and those sweet babies who love you so much.  And the puppy and the kitty.  Life is sweet and good.

And Sheli made sables and I brought some home.  I'm going to eat one now.  One of the ones with strawberry jam, because those are amazeballs.

The world is really fucking scary.  There are lots of bad things happening every day.  Remember to look for the helpers.

Dot moved her momma into her home tonight.  Her momma took a train all the way from Oregon to Chicago, then she and Dot's sister rented a car and drove down, but there were lots of roadblocks and hiccups along the way, so they arrived about 24 hours later than originally planned.  But there was Dot, with a smile and a hug, and a warm healthy dinner, and a houseful of beloved friends, to welcome her momma home.  She's a real helping helper.  It warms my heart to think of her selflessness in this - the work she put into making sure her mom's room was just right, the details she watched.  She's a good woman.  I hope her momma can feel the love tonight.

Geneva did not get into the school we wanted her to get into.  Knee jerk reaction from me is to look into private schools.  I went to my 20 year high school reunion this past weekend, and I had a conversation with an old classmate of mine who is a teacher now.  As I found myself in the middle of telling this woman that I think public schools aren't the best choice for my little angels, I realized I'm an asshole.  This woman paid thousands and thousands of dollars to go to school for years and years so she could make a barely-livable wage to have the privilege of working in a public school.  She's signed up to buy her own work supplies because her employer can't.  These days, she's signed up to be an actual human shield should some gun-wielding nut decide to shoot up her school.  And she does it happily, because teaching is what she loves.  And there I was, saying that wasn't enough.  What in the actual fuck, Natalie?

So.  Maybe we're going to try out this public school thing.  I won't lie, these kids in Florida give me great hope for our future.  They are starting a movement.  If the Russian trolls are against you, I'm with you.  And I'm thinking - if I can find the money for private school, why can't I find that same money to donate to my child's public school?  Why can't I help boost their resources, literally put my money where my mouth is?  Maybe I can talk to some people and get them to feel the same way. Maybe we can start a thing.  Maybe.

I went on a tear this weekend - I believe the issue of school shootings is absolutely a gun issue, BUT, if you don't, that's cool.  If it's an education thing, let's fund the shit out of our public schools and give teachers and counselors the tools they need to educate and support and guide our children.  If it's a mental health thing, let's fund health programs and make mental health services readily available for everyone.  If it's a parenting issue, let's fund family leave policies so parents can attend to the individual needs of their children without fear of losing their jobs and/or going bankrupt.

There has to be an answer.  If we are the greatest nation on Earth, we can find a way to stop these massacres.  Doing nothing is not an answer, and it's not okay.  I think we're seeing the beginning of a movement that will make something happen.  I have hope.

When Trump was elected, my Daddy told me, "The US has survived things far worse than Donald Trump."  True.  But he's still pretty fucking bad.  The indictments that came out this past weekend show that Russia was actively working to get him elected because they believe that was literally the best way they could hurt America.  Our sitting President was elected by people swayed by Russians trying to harm our country.  That's a pretty fucking big deal.

I'm waiting for the leaders to emerge - the ones who lead the charge of infuriated and outraged Americans who demand justice for our democracy.  Surely we have elected someone to a higher office who is up to this task?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Catholic huh?

Catholic education is the topic tonight.  Catholics.  Catholicism.  The Church.

I don't want to send my kids to Catholic school because I don't want them to be indoctrinated into the Catholic faith.

I've grown up thinking that the Catholic church is a sham that turns its back on people in their time of need.

I think that because I was told, I think, that when my Dad's Dad died, when my dad was 14 and his youngest sister was 9 months old and there were 5 kids in between the two of them and suddenly Mamaw found herself alone with 7 kids, she went to the Church to ask for some help, because JFC she probably legit needed some help.  I heard she didn't get it.  That my dad left the Church because of that.

Cool.  Not cool, but okay.  I get it.

Tonight, discussing Geneva's kindergarten school placement - she didn't get into our first choice, but got into our second choice which was only our second choice because it was the best ranked school in our cluster at a 5 out of 10 - the other 5 schools we could've chosen were 2s and 3s out of 10.  This is the education system in America, folks.  If you don't live in the rich neighborhood, you can choose between mediocre, okay, or absolute shit when it comes to your kids' public school options.  W00t.

We've thrown out there for discussion the topic of private school because, well, we can't home school and because our public school options were collectively not great.  But we don't have private school money, truth be told.  We're already stretched paying more than our mortgage each month for daycare for 2 kids - daycare plus private school tuition is more than daycare for two kids and we spent 13K on daycare in 2017.  Still, education.  It's important.  A big damned deal.

I asked my Dad tonight for his opinion on Catholic Schools.  He shocked me when he said, "If you can afford it, I think it's the best choice.  I don't think they could get a better education."

WTF, Dad?  I'm confused.

He went further, "It's a deep topic and we should talk about it alone another time."  The girls were both on his lap, as he sat in his recliner.  "I think it's the one true Church.  But the Church and the people, those are different..."

Mind. Blown.

I'm so confused.

This will definitely have to be continued.  I wish I could call him now and be like, so, um, talk to me yo.  Not tonight, though.  Soon.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Things I'm worried about tonight:

.  How much difference does it really make in the entirety of your life, which kindergarten you attend?  I suppose not much.  Unless you go to a really bad one.

.  How does a parent identify, from the outside, a really bad kindergarten?

.  Is our president working for Putin?

.  What are we going to have for dinner tomorrow night?

.  Today I've heard three separate tales of how white people, as a culture, actively worked to destroy people who were different from them.  Three separate cultures, too.  WTF, white people?

.  Why haven't white people realized yet that we're the problem?

.  What happens to someone who is deported from the US, after living here for most of their lives?

.  Why can't I stop arguing with my 4 year old?

.  I give my kids most of the things they ask for; they usually respond by complaining about it.  How do I break that in them without beating them?

.  How many members of Congress are working for Putin?

.  I'm pretty certain the NRA is working for Putin.  Okay, not really.  Well, maybe.  But it's fucked up how much of our nation they control.

.  What is a religious person's objection to making sure peoples' basic needs are met? i.e. Universal healthcare, welfare, food stamps, WIC and SNAP, etc.

.  Why can't I find the motivation to move my ass on a regular basis?  I want to exercise more, to lift more, why don't I do it?

.  Is my husband reading this over my shoulder, or did he really want to stand next to me and pet my head in the dark dining room for 45 seconds?

.  Is the weather really turning to shit tonight?  Man, I hope the roads aren't bad in the morning.  Will need to get up a little early.  Maybe I'll get to bed a little earlier...but it's almost 11, so that's unlikely.

.  What am I going to wear to work tomorrow?

.  I still didn't play GO Fish with G tonight.  We've been talking about playing Go Fish since Saturday.  I suck at momming sometimes.

.  Is Cora ever going to be potty trained?  I'm so over buying pullups.

.  My 20 year high school reunion is a week from Saturday.  What in the fuck am I going to wear to that?

.  I really should spend more time paying attention to my sweet husband.

.  I should've gone to bed 2 hours ago.  I'm tired.

.  How can I convince my boss I deserve a raise?

.  I should walk Finn more.  Damn it, it's so cold, though!

.  He really does need a good brushing.

.  I need there to be more hours in the day.

.  I still need to get my damned oil changed.  Shit.

.  Ugh.  I need to get a copy of TurboTax and get started on our taxes.  Do i know where all our forms and receipts are?  Ugh.

.  Are we going to take an actual vacation this year?

.  Speaking of vacation - my balance was only 40 hours when I checked online today.  I need that fixed.

.  Why am I writing out a list of this stupid shit at 11 p.m., as I sip my hot tea and try to get myself ready for bed?  I already did my bedtime yoga, even.  Probably should've let this shit out before then.

.  Geneva and Cora's bedroom is a disaster; so is the entire upstairs, again.  And my laundry is piling up.  Nature loves chaos - i wish it didn't make me feel so fucking anxious.

.  And the kitchen sink is full of dishes.  I just can't, not tonight.  I have no energy, no drive.  It's no wonder my back aches, you should see the way I'm slouched in this chair.  (I straightened up, though, because that was dumb.)

.  I still need to make sure mom can keep the girls Friday night.

.  What are Maria and I going to do Saturday?

.  I forgot to tell Jimi Mom wants us to come over for dinner Thursday night.

.  When can Patricia and I get together in the next week? 

.  That's a lot of socializing and it's starting to freak me out.

.  I've got to get over this social anxiety bullshit.  It's making me a terrible friend.  But dammit.  Some days it just feels impossible to even read a text message, much less respond to one.  Natalie from 10 years ago would be aghast.

.  Stacy never emailed me today - I need to make sure I check in with her tomorrow.  We need to get the girls together soon, too.  More socializing, but they don't really count.

.  I hope I'm not screwing my kids up too badly.  I just want to be a good mom.

.  Jimi and I won't always be the parents of tiny children - it'll get easier to find time together, and it won't always be this hard to just get through the day to day.  Right?

Not even gonna read through this again.  Just gonna post it.  My Crazy: A Sample.  :)  Sweet dreams, friends.

Feel free to leave a list of your crazy brain commentary below. Show me I'm not the only one.


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