Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I have to share this with someone.

I work in a manufacturing environment and we have multiple truck drivers pass through our office each day.  We're sort of off the beaten path, so they often have to call for directions before they find us.  Our administrative assistant handles most of the calls, and she's brilliant at customer service.  She's also in her early twenties, a crazy-snazzy dresser, a super-smart graduate student, and ridiculously cute.  The truck drivers love her.

She fielded a call this morning from a guy coming in to pick up a load of freight.  She was on the phone with him for a while, guiding him to our yard, and he smiled at her when he came into the office finally.  After I directed him to the correct dock, he called ask our assistant to lunch.

She's handled situations like this before.  I actually had to run a guy out of here one afternoon because he wouldn't stop drooling over her through the window.  She also apparently once worked answering phones for an escort service, a job which required her to sometimes provide customer service in the form of phone sex - so she's got some practice thinking on her feet. 

I don't know how long she was on the phone with this guy this morning before Kim yelled over into my office "He's trying to pick her up!" and I tuned in to the conversation happening across the office.  I hear our single, childless assistant saying to the 50-something truck driver who's already admitted to having a daughter only a year younger than his newest conquest,

"Yes, I have three children; a six-week-old, a two-year-old, and a five-year-old." 

That struck me as so funny, especially when the man wasn't phased by her attempt to dodge him.  It took another few minutes and Kim yelling something like "I need those TPS reports STAT!" before our girl was able to shake the guy. 

Now I'm anxiously awaiting his return to the office.  I wonder if he'll ask to see pictures of her babies?  How fun!

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