Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's your scent?

For 12 years, I wore Pleasures, by Estee Lauder, almost exclusively.  It was my scent.  I tried a sample years ago, when I was 15, and a few months later, my boyfriend gave me a bottle of the purfume for my 16th birthday.  He repeated the gesture the next two years, but then we broke up, and Momma took over and started keeping me smelling sweet by giving me a bottle each Christmas.

Something happened a few years ago, though, and she didn't buy it for me anymore.  I've been hoarding the last little travel sprayer I've got; I guess I could go buy my own, but that seems wrong somehow.  Instead, I've been using other scents and trying to find something new that feels like me, now, at this time in my life.

Right now, today, it's The Body Mist, by Body by Victoria.  I smelled it on my Aunt Pam (Happy Birthday!) and loved it, so she gave me the half-bottle she had left.  Jimi wasn't thrilled - he said "I don't want to smell you and think of your Aunt Pam, Nat."  Yeah yeah yeah.  I like the way it smells.

Eucalyptus Spearmint is my alternate scent lately.  It smells so clean; I love it.

What's your scent?  Have you worn it for years, or do you alternate, or do you find a new favorite every few months?  How do you know if you love something enough to drop $40 or $50 on it?


  1. "Desperation" by any reality show star

  2. I really like Moonlight Path by bath and body works. I have been wearing it since I was a freshman in high school.


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