Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Owning my fat.

I signed up with MyFitnessPal and MapMyWalk, mainly because two of you told me to.  Also, their blackberry apps are free.  I'm excited to have a way to keep track of the things I eat, the exercises I do, the water I drink, the calories I burn.

I'm excited to be holding myself accountable, to be aiming for a goal.  And you know what?  This goal is something I have absolute control over, which feels very empowering after a year of feeling sorta powerless when it comes to my body.

Now, I'm not hard core (yet), but I walked 3/4 of a mile with dogface this morning, and I've done 20 jumping jacks and 40 crunches.  I'm consciously thinking about the repercussions of my food choices (even if you couldn't tell by the way I picked bacon over ham for my breakfast this morning - gotta live a little, you know?).

I've got a question - if my goal calories are 1200, and I burn 300, do I have to eat 1500 for the day?  Is that how that's supposed to work?

I'm gonna do this.  I'm going to lose ____ inches/pounds, and I'm going to look fan-fucking-tastic in that bridesmaid's dress come October.  It's going to happen.

(I'm >-< this close to doing the Zumba.  Will narrow down facility search/details today - unless Jimi springs for that YMCA membership, in which case, fuck some Zumba, I'm going swimming and to WATER Zumba!  Why is the YMCA a million dollars?  Okay, it's not a million dollars, but I'm broke and that joining fee makes my face sad.)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Good luck! It's hard, I give up all the time. My office is even doing a weight loss challenge, and I am the only one who has to pay the $1 each time for a gained pound. It's SUX big ass. I hate to sweat and I love food.. see my problem!
    I have faith in you, you can do it!!

  2. Yep, you eat the 1,500 cal then on a day you burn 300. Your body needs fuel when you're working out. Just make sure you're not overestimating how hard/long you are working out, b/c then MFP will overestimate how many extra calories you need to eat. I lost 20# using MFP when I was in the workout groove - I just really liked having a place to write everything down and keep myself accountable. It helped me to think about what I was going to shove in my mouth too, b/c it sucked to have to input that I ate a bag of cheetos or two helpings of something instead of one. :)


    That was one of my fav breakfasts - super filling and nutritious, and once you've input it once and saved it as a meal, you don't have to input each individual ingredient every day.

    Good luck!

  3. When you start your Zumba classes, you will burn more calories because you are working every muscle. YMCA is expensive, but if you decide to join, take the advantage of it. I am sure they offer Zumba certain days of the week and you can workout on the other days. I work at a hospital with a gym and the employees have a free membership (all the more reasons I should take the Zumba classes!). Hope you will find a place that is within your budget!

  4. Yes, if your goal is 1200, You can eat 1500 if you are going to burn 300. If you put it into the tracker, it should figure it out for you. I think.

  5. I loved the Y, it's great if you have kids and when you join one you can go to all of them. BUT, one of the reasons I stopped was because of all the kids. We were members of LAC until we moved and we LOVED them because it was close, had great machines, a cardio movie room (which hubby loved) and a sauna that was fantastic. What we did was spend a month or so doing free trials. LAC gave us a free week. So did a few others. Even check your insurance. Ours gave us a few free days to some gym. Of course, I'm an old lady and have a few habits that I won't change, I cook good food and love to eat. I don't use the "D" word. LOL Your health is worth every penny. PS.... it can even make your sex life better than what it is.... swear.... ;-)


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