Monday, August 1, 2011

I just wanted to sleep a little.

"We slept great at the other end of the bed earlier - let's try that tonight!"

Note to self:  Post-coital after-glow naptime sleepy place is not equal to bedtime sleepy place.  The same chemicals that are present and allow you to sleep comfortably while lying sideways across the bed, diagonally across the bed, or with your head where your feet go in the bed - those same chemicals are not there hours later when it's night night time.

You'll realize this when you've been tossing and turning for what you're certain is no more than 30 minutes, but when you steal a glance at the clock, you come to understand you've not yet slept and you've been in bed for over 2 hours.  And of course, this will always happen on the nights you've set your alarm clock to go off 2 hours early because you're only working a half day and you really want to get off to a good start.

Whatever.  I'm going to work.  Hope your Monday is off to a more rested start than mine.  :)

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