Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'd like to take another day off, please.

Back to reality, the grindstone, whatever.  Back to work.  Time to make the doughnuts, all that jazz.

I greatly enjoyed my mini-vacation.  And I just remembered Jimi told me he's not working today.  So freakin' jealous.  He couldn't get days off when I took off, but he was able to get today approved, so he went ahead and took it.

Sweet. Maybe he'll clean the kitchen and the litter box.  And spend 5 hours making me a delicious dinner (which, I might add, I've done twice in the last 8 days.  I don't care if you make dinner every night - 5-hour dinner is the same as 5 1-hour dinners or ten 30-minute meals, so those two dinners are the same as if I cooked all the time, even though they represent the two times I've cooked in the last forever I don't know how long.).

What were we talking about?  The split pea soup I made last night is the bomb diggity.  And the cheddar garlic biscuits weren't bad, but needed more salt.  We had banana splits for dessert - I'm not sure if Jimi tried to collect his blowjob prize or not,  I was in bed asleep well before he was done watching cartoons.

Man, I wish we could just win the lottery so I didn't ever have to worry about money ever again and I could stay home in bed cuddled up next to him till 10 every morning and then we could fix bacon and eggs and go dig in the dirt in the front yard or bake bread or go shopping at the thrift stores or go ride bikes...sometimes it feels like I give the best parts of myself to my job and Jimi gets what's left over.

And my leg hurts.  From where I burned it on the mower the other day.  Didn't hurt at all the day of, but the next day and each day since it's been sore and mean.  I'm such a whiny baby - I could never be a man.

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  1. Haha. Men are whiny too! Have you ever watched professional soccer? They roll around on the ground like a bunch of babies. And then you watch the women and they are SUPERSTARS!


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