Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love and unicorns and rainbows

"Your skin looks nice - I was looking at you, noticing how pretty you are."

My heart, it melted.

He says things like this all the time - he's so generous with compliments and kindness.  He lifts me up on a cloud of love and hope and I feel the butterflies in my belly.

I know how easily relationships can break down - the indifference, the sullenness, the selfishness.  Jimi has taught me how easy it can be to mend the cracks, though - the tenderness, the forgiveness, the giving...and the thank-yous, the I-love-yous, the pleases, the whatever-you-want-honeys.

And regular, fantastic sex - that's important, too.


  1. Aww - he's a keeper for sure!

  2. You're so lucky. I'm happy for you two :)

  3. He's definitely a keeper! Isn't it nice to find someone who loves us even through our bad moods and bitchiness? Yes. Yes it is.

  4. Coming over FTLOB Comment Sunday.

    Aww.. that is very sweet. Your blog title is amazeballs, by the way. Kudos.

  5. He sounds like my Jeremy. I never get tired of all those sweet things he says...and yeah, the fantastic sex is ALWAYS awesome. We're lucky gals :)


Please don't make me cry.


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