Monday, August 29, 2011

The start of a whole new life...

I've just made my final payment to my last creditor -

I'm officially debt free!  

What a great fucking feeling.


  1. Wow. That's great. Just don't reward yourself with a shopping trip ;)

  2. HA! I couldn't if I wanted to - I gave them all of my money! (And I haven't had a credit card in 4 years.)

  3. I CANT WAIT TO EXPERIENCE THAT FEELING!!! I just made my last payment to ONE of the creditors...I still have 2 more, and then the thousands of dollars I owe for school loans :(


  4. That is so AWESOME!!! I am in the same situation as SweenZ. So much debt right now. I imagine paying it off will feel so effing good.

  5. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm so proud for you, Nat! SweenZ and d'Artagnan, hang in there. You can get there too. It seems like it's going to take forever, but if you just keep working at it, you'll start seeing progress. It's totally worth it!

  6. Wow - that is totally amazing. Good for you!!!!

  7. I got one more credit card to pay off and working on paying off two personal loans as we speak! I am still school, so I figure I will be out of debt with the card and the personal loans by the time I get out, so I will only be paying that off. I know you are glad that you are finally out of the hole and know that your check isn't already spent on debt.

  8. That's gotta feel like such a load off. I'm hoping to experience it by the end of the year. Well done!

  9. Congratulation!!!!

    My first time to your blog and it make me smile.
    Definitely following you.

    Follow me back.

    Have a good day .

    Stay debt free :).

  10. wow - I'm JEALOUS. Congratulations!!!!

  11. Congratulations! I know you had to have a lot of discipline to get this done...I admire your tenacity and determination! What a great feeling!!


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