Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Tuesday!

No.  Wait.  It's Wednesday, isn't it?  Even better!

Our company was sold to a new group of investors a few weeks back, and one of those guys is visiting the office today to check out the stuff and things.  Our last group of investors was very hands-off; they were all "you know what you're doing, so you do what you do best, and we'll hang out here and cash those checks, cool?"  There are rumors that this new group may be a bit more hands-on, which, well, no one wants some super rich smart dude coming in and telling you how to change things up so you can make him more money, right?  Except I kinda do.  I kinda hope this guy shakes things up just a little, just enough to make some people walk a little faster, work a little more efficiently, pay a little more attention.

In other news, I was contacted last night by a woman I've not spoken with in nearly 2 years.  The message was out of the blue and took me by surprise...and I'm still pondering.

I have to go to work; it wouldn't do to be late today.  Happy Hump Day!


  1. Good luck with the new investors!

  2. Is it that time of year? A girl I literally haven't spoken to since June of last year just sent me a message on facebook asking me to babysit her kids. Wtf?? No idea what the proper response should be. I hope you post about how you're going to handle it.

  3. Happy hump day.

    (Bryan Adams - She's Got A Way)


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