Monday, August 1, 2011

What I Said vs. What He Heard

"For dinner, we're having split pea soup, garlic cheddar biscuits, and blow jobs for dessert."

"We're having garlic cheddar biscuits?  Really?"

What the fuck?  What dimension am I living in?  I cover my face with my hands to hide the horror and hilarity...

"Natalie, look at me."  He's using his serious voice.  I look.  "We're really having garlic cheddar biscuits?"

I'm obviously doing something wrong.


  1. i have one too:

    things were getting frisky one evening, when i jumped up, stripped, and ran naked down the hall screaming "come get me big boy"

    i jumped on the bed.....waited......waiting....

    then i hear the silverware drawer open and shut (it squeeks) WTF???

    i go into the kitchen- he's doing the damn dishes....

    i feel your pain.....

  2. This post and the comment above literally just made me lol. They are so dense sometimes you just have to laugh.

  3. OMG, the DISHES?! After THAT?! What in the world is wrong with these men?!

    But it is pretty awesome that he was doing the dishes.

  4. Hahahaaa!!! Awesome!
    Natalie, you are obviously being too generous with "desserts", and too stingy with the garlic cheddar biscuits!

  5. LOL. Jimi sure gets excited about your biscuits! Perhaps you should try wearing them? I totally have to try this on my guy.


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