Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy like Sunday Morning, v2.0

Morning sex on the weekends seems to have made itself a permanent fixture on our weekly To Do list, and I'm diggin' it - especially when followed up with a shower and him making ham and eggs on toast.  Naked.  I don't care if you do hate me for the mental image, I can't imagine a better way to start a day.

This weekend has been fantastic, and I've still got most of today left to go.  AND, I technically don't have to work tomorrow, though I am planning to get up early and go in for a few hours.  I think I've gotten the break I was seeking when I decided to take a day or two off.  I feel refreshed and relaxed.  Of course, that could still just be after glow, but whatever.

Jimi said yesterday if we get married and have a wedding, we'll rent out a theater at the Kentucky Center for the Arts and put on a one-act play as our wedding.  I got super excited and turned it into like 5 acts, complete with costume changes.  I could write a hilariously awesome play about our life together - and our "how we met" story is an opening act made for the stage.

No, we're not engaged or making wedding plans, but it's fun to talk about it sometimes.  I think if we ever did get married we'd probably head for the courthouse or take off to some tropical island somewhere and make it happen - mainly because i don' t see either of us making it a priority to save up $30K to throw a big blow-out wedding party....if we get our hands on $30K, I'm getting a new kitchen and bathroom and Jimi's getting a new truck.

We're watching a rebroadcast of Princess Diana & Prince Charles' wedding now, and last night it was Four Weddings on TLC.  I don't know why we're watching all this wedding shit - or how to make you believe that Jimi really did flip to this.  (It's the rule in our house - whomever has the computer, the other controls the remote.  I always have the computer.)

And now we're going to go walk the dog.  Happy Sunday!


  1. Woot woot! Morning sex is great as long as you don't have to go anywhere afterwards, and can just laze about the house like a decadent princess. Which is what weekends are for! Although having a toddler does put a damper on the lazy decadent princess part. Glad you're having a great day :)

  2. Great blog. An evil grin couldn't resist showing up on my face when I read the first section of your blog!

  3. What? You get morning sex AND breakfast?? A great weekend indeed.

  4. I love the play idea. LOVE.

    Make that happen, mmmmkay?!?!


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