Saturday, March 19, 2011


Momma and Daddy have letters they wrote to each other over the course of four years while he was in Germany.  My Momma wants them destroyed; my Daddy swears they'll be kept safe for me to find eventually.

There's a lot about my Momma that I don't know.  I hope one day she'll tell me her stories.  I want to know about her.  I think she's afraid she'll lose face, like she'll be somehow less authoritative or respectable if I know that she's human, more like me than she's willing to admit.

My Daddy?  He's like me; he was ready tonight to spill some tales I've never heard before, but Momma stopped him with a look and mouthed words I couldn't read from my position next to her.  He'll tell me anything; and while I know how much he loves me, I think he also really likes me, too.  There's a difference.  I know I sure really like him.

Jimi and I went over tonight and took Momma to dinner; Daddy was working then, but was home by the time we were back to their house.  We hung out downstairs and talked and remembered and laughed, and it was full of that coming home feeling - that happy, I-belong-here, I'm-part-of-this feeling.  That I recognize this is proof that I don't spend enough time with my parents.

And this is how the rest of my night went, after we returned home and Jimi had begged off to bed:

This is Squirrel.

He's Finn's baby.

Oh wait!  
Here comes Kitten!  
Q the Cat.)

He's after the wrist-strap on my camera. 

It's fascinating 
and delicious.  

Oh no!  What's that?

It's the puppy!!!  
And he will Kill the Squirrel!!

You can't tell, but they're all three in this picture.  
That's Kitten there on the right.  

For some reason, I really love these pictures.  They're so jacked up - the epitome of my life.

I'm watching Hustle and Flow on MTV2.  Have you ever seen it?  Whoop That Trick! - it's a motto in our house.  Actually, the movie is almost painful to watch, and the lyrics aren't much better.  But I love it.

There are 427 blog entries in my Google Reader right now.  I'll never get through them all.

I didn't know about the Blogger's Day of Silence until I found my Notie Kari's post - and then I couldn't figure out how to participate so I just waited until after midnight to start blogging again.  Actually, I was really busy at work and then we went out with Momma and hung out at their house and didn't get home till after midnight, but I swear I was somewhat actively participating sorta.

My brain is tired and I cannot word anymore.  G'night and I love you.

No really.  I mean it.  I love you.  If you read all of those dumb words, I love you.  True story.


  1. Mornin....well, I didn't observe the day of silence either; dashed off a post last night. Now I feel bad.

    Just wanted you to know that I passed on a Blog Award to's on my new post this morning.

    Thought you could use some positive reinforcement....and a Hug!


  2. Oh, hey Slidecutter! Fancy seeing you here :)

    So, I just finished reading this riveting and amazingly well-written post and wanted to tell you that you are so far from boring. I love visitin this blog. I love the way that you write. I think your pictures are funny. That's it. Have a lovely weekend and I'm dying to find out what the letters say. Dying.

  3. It's killing me not knowing. I'm considering taking a day off work, going to their house while they're AT work, and rooting through their things until I find the letters. I could bring them home, scan them, and have them back to their hiding spot before anyone missed them. (Maybe - I'm not sure anyone actually knows where the letters live right now, so it could take a few stealthy trips to find them.)

    But how awesome would it be to have them turned into a book? With pictures from their courtship interspersed? Aww...their 33rd wedding anniversary is at the end of April - if I didn't think my Momma would be mortified at the idea of me seeing those letters, that's what I'd do for a gift for them.

    I love you guys for being so nice to me. Seriously. I don't even know what to say.

  4. Love the pics! I didn't know yesterday was Blogger's Day Of Silence, but kind of glad that I didn't finish the post I was working on. I'll have to finish it some other time.

  5. I didn't even know about the day of silence until about 11:57 p.m. the night before so that's why that post was oh so uninformative.

    I love the pictures. It's like a stop animation of a Mutual of Omaha nature show. It was so tense and riveting! I was waiting for someone to eat the squirrel. I'm glad he survived.


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