Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

Sometimes I write things and think that I've had the conversation out loud with Jimi.  Often, that is not the case.

The Purple Rain thing, for example; apparently, it was my Facebook page that told him I'd never listened to the album before my Tuesday run with Prince.  Now, I'm certain that this fact has come up at some point in our conversations over the last 4 years - when he bought the CD, for example, I'm pretty sure I commented about having never heard it before.  Regardless, this isn't the first time I've realized I've told the internet something about me before I mentioned it to that man I share a bed with.  I probably should pull myself away from the laptop and talk to him every now and again, huh?


  1. Oh hell, I do the same thing with my hubby.

    We get along better if we e-mail each other, back and forth, than if we have a conversation sometimes, lol

    At least that way, I have a record of what I said...or didn't say.

    Friday's coming....I can hear it!


  2. My husband doesn't even bother to ask me how I am feeling or what's going on in my head lately, he just reads my blog.
    -12 hours till Friday, woohoo!!!


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