Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things and Stuff

On my way to work, I see downtown Louisville, every morning.
Then, when I get to work, these guys line the top of the map on my wall.  They're mostly Homies, but there are a few Bok Choy Boys there on the end, a California Raisin or two, one of the Bernstein Bears, three Smurfs, Barney Rubble, and Sylvester with Tweety on a platter.  (I'm assuming I don't need to link to explain those last characters, right?)  The cool ones were given to me by a man who works in the plant, and a man who drove for us for a while.  He had to stop driving because his cancer came back - I haven't heard from him in over a year and I'm afraid to call.  


Moving on with the day...I put my things down and go out back to get the "mail" - delivery receipts and trailer movement information and logs and such from the drivers.  This is what it looks like looking out my back door.  At work.
The rest of these are pictures from the shit that clutters my desk.  
I'm such a clutter bug.
   Chick-fil-A Cow (next to a chicken - how appropriate?)  Got this guy before I decided I had to hate Chick-fil-A because of their lame anti-gay thing; still dream about chicken nuggets on the regular.  On the left there is the green ducky my boss got me last week.  And if you look real close, you can find part of a lovenote or two from my sweet.  Oh, and that's a manatee behind the cow, hanging out with a rubber crab. 

This is the corner of my desk that hides behind the phone.  I love that plant, and that Buddha, and those Pirate Bandages (birthday gift from my boss a few years ago).  

In 2008, after about 9 months of employment, I was promoted into my current position.  Before, I probably did, on average, about 10 hours of real, actual work in a given week.  I spent a lot of time on the internet, there was always time to research was awesome.  Immediately upon being thrust into this new role, my workweek rocketed to 55 hours, minimum, just to keep my head above water.  My boss praised my talent for multi-tasking, and I rolled my eyes, thinking, "If he only knew..."  Less than a month into the new job, I got this fortune from the Chinese place down the road.  Oh, and that's a tiny little zombie that lives on top of my monitor.  And you know happy bunny, right?  (And my workweek isn't 55 hours anymore.  I'm averaging maybe 42.  Not that it matters - I'm salary now, so they can have as much of my time as they deem necessary.  Just ask 'em.)

This is the fortune I got the week after I came back to work after my miscarriage.And a little dog.

Another zombie.  And Monkeys!!!

A parrot, a French Moodle, and an egg clock.
Part of my official title is "All Around Good Egg".  
No, really.  It's on my business cards and everything.

 A Piece of Flair (I've got a red Swingline, too), Urban dictionary daily calendar, self-inking WTF stamp (demonstrated on said calendar), stress-relief lotion.

It's not such an awful place to spend 10 hours a day, really.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. my desk looks really sad and pathetic compared to yours. i REALLY need to decorate it. ha ha! thanks for the tour! ;)

  2. Only one piece of flair? I can't tell you to have more, but I want YOU to want more.

  3. I like your desk...lots of fun stuff...and I seriously need a self inking WTF stamp.

  4. I love your desk! Mine sucks compared to yours! I'm say you should take a picture and then enter it in to be featured in an "I Spy" book :)


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