Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday evening tea.

My tea is chocolate hazelnut with sweetened condensed milk to lighten and, well, sweeten.

When I was a child, stickers were one of the things that proved God's love for me.  My particular favorites were shaped like foods - little strawberries and milkshakes and cupcakes and cookies and candy bars.  Not only were they on heavy cardboard backing (meaning they were meant to last longer than your standard sticky-paper variety) and fuzzy (all the better for your sensory experience), these gems were the trifecta of awesome - they were scratch and sniff.  They held a position of honor in my sticker book for years, until the fuzz was matted and the smells had long since been warn away, the old non-acid-free sticky photo album pages yellowed with age and the clear covers wrinkled and torn in places from being opened over and over again.

My tea?  It smells exactly like the chocolate chip cookie and candy bar stickers I loved so dearly when I was a girl.  .


  1. Where did you acquire such tea? I want some.

  2. It's a Stash flavor - I don't know where Jimi found it - he buys tea everywhere we go.

  3. Ah, stickers. I wish I still had my old sticker books. Some serious negotiation went on among the playground set for some of those babies!

  4. Stickers are so fun! When I was a kid my parents let me put stickers on my bedroom walls. It was awesome. Then we moved at I got older (read 4) and I wasn't allowed to put them on the walls anymore:( It might have had something to do with the fact that my parents bought a house and didn't want to deal with sticker removal down the road...

  5. My sister, cousin and I used to spend HOURS trading and organizing stickers in our stacks of sticker books! My favorites were the fuzzy stickers and the puffy/plastic type. And, of course, anything Lisa Frank.

    <3 jenna(saurus)

  6. Yummy! I think I may have had the same sticker book as you, haha. I remember having fuzzy, smelly stickers and how they were the coolest thing ever!

  7. I LOVE scratch and sniff stickers! My fav was the hot chocolate one! I want some that tea girl!

    I may or may not have purchased a book for my nephew because every page had a scratch n sniff sticker that I wanted to sniff! haha

  8. I Love Tea!! I haven't ventured out and tried a bunch of flavors though... maybe I should!

    I just wanted to say thank you. You are so sweet. You always give me words of encouragement and lovely comments over at my blog. Thank You :)

  9. I usually drink green tea but this kind sounds like deliciousness!!


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