Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm a miserable excuse for a woman.

My eyebrows need help.  I never learned how to shape them properly, and so have been hacking off my arches for years, making a nice flat line across the top of my brows.  Turns out, that arch is supposed to be there, and you're totally supposed to accentuate it.  Who knew?!  So, I've been letting my straight lines grow out and re-form my naturally arched brows. Just like when a short haircut starts to grow out and gets all unruly and shaggy and shitty looking, eyebrows react the same way to growing out from a hack-job.  It's almost embarrassing enough to justify repeating the straight-edge style.  I could totally re-write eyebrow fashion.


  1. I am a victim of overplucking. I did it for so long, thinking it was the way to go, that now I have a spot where my eyebrow hair refuses to grow. Yeah, a blad spot on my face. Would have prefered if it had been on my CHIN, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... stupid mother nature and her perimenopause.

  2. OK, so this is a little embarassing... but what the hell.

    I always had big bushy eyebrows growing up. When I was in the 5th grade I specifically remember sitting at a table in the library when one girl referred to me as a woolly mammoth (referring to my unibrow- thanks italian heritage!).

    I came home so upset that I took a shaver and shaved off my unibrow. I got so used to doing it for so long that I kept shaving, avoiding plucking because I thought it hurt so bad, all the way through my early 20's (lots of accidents if you can imagine... what was I thinking???).

    About a year ago I was so tired of it that I decided to grow them out and just pluck. It's been sooo much better.

    The growth period totally sucks though- I feel your pain. You should stick it out and then go to a nice asian lady to wax them professionally (asians have the best eyebrows). That will at least give you a good shape and then you can maintain them on your own with your tweezers.

    Just some advice from a former eyebrow abuser :)

  3. Kristen, I think you just saved me, because I've been sitting here Googling how to do this myself and man, what a bad idea. I'm gonna get waxed!!! you're so smart! Thank you!

  4. Okay, stupid question here...last night you went to a salon; didn't anyone there suggest waxing?

    I may have to make a trip out your!

    How did your haircut come out? Pics???


  5. You know, Patty, I was surprised too - but maybe the "just growing out" look was obvious? I mean, I hope that's what it was - and that they didn't think I was just that beyond hope.

    I haven't taken a picture of the new hairs yet - i'll get on that tomorrow, promise!

  6. Threading. That's the best way. Find yourself some Persian or Indian women to do it for you.


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