Sunday, March 13, 2011



I've been changing prices for 3 hours and I'm only half finished.  Holy crap!  My eyes are crossing, and I'm starting to wonder if I can swing some comp-time for this project this week...I need a day off after giving up my Sunday for this.

Of course, had I stayed and worked some OT the last 2 weeks like I kept saying I was going to do, I wouldn't be stuck with this crap today.  But then again, the increases go into effect tomorrow so inputting them before today would've created MORE work, because I certainly would've erroneously billed a customer the new price for an order placed before the date of the increase.


It's beautiful outside.  I've been tackling my work slowly but surely all day, in bits and pieces.  This morning, I got up early (especially considering I didn't get to bed till 4) and started on my emails and billing right away, between breaks to catch up on my blog-friends' lives, take the pup for a walk, have Mexican food for lunch with Jimi, pick up some puppy and kitty food.  I took a break from the price-changing to sit out in the sun and finish the book I've been struggling to get through for the last 2 weeks.  (Too many blogs, no time for books.)

I discovered you can read blogs on a Kindle.  Now I want a Kindle.  Jimi could have his computer and I could catch up on blog-land, and we can live happily ever after.  I've gotta get a few more details before I shell out the cash, though - can I WRITE on a Kindle, too?  Can you search the web, or only e-book sellers?  I want something that does everything and costs nothing.

The only consolation for spending my day working is the fact that while I'm doing it I can sit here and drink beer and pet my puppy and tell Jimi I love him.  And watch this awful made-for-TV Syfy movie Jimi's got on. (I security-enabled our network last week and now we can't figure out how to get the Blu-ray player to reconnect to the internet, so we can't watch the Netflix.  I has the dumb.  Oops.)

Back to the grind.  I hope your day is full of sunshine and happy.


  1. I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to be mean about it.

    Busch Light.

    C'mon, it's $7.49 a 12-pack. And I tend set down nearly-full cans and walk away and forget about them...

  2. lol on the beer, sitting here in Bud Light Longneck country....

    That one comment about wanting something that does everything/costs nothing made me laugh. Had a customer in our business who wanted a new head unit for his car; wanted Nav, Satellite, Bluethooth, iPod and also a back-up camera on top of it all.. He wanted a top-of-the-line Pioneer piece, wanted to spend no more than $250 plus installation.

    I almost asked him to share whatever drugs he was taking...

    When I escorted his mind back to reality and told him the price, he said he'd just keep his old am/fm cassette in his car.

    Yes, you can write on a Kindle; as a txt file, copy it to your puter using a USB cable and print. You can go from the Kindle to your puter and back again to edit on both units.

    Have a good rest of the day,


  3. crapola...that was BLUETOOTH, not Bluethooth. Blame my spelling on last nights Jack on the Rocks....

  4. With kindles you can search the web. but you dont get anything really exciting. another ebook kind of thing to look into is the NOOK its like the the kindle but its for barnes and noble, is in color, but is touch screen. but yes u can search the web on a kindle.

  5. I was just looking into the Kindle/Nook this past weekend! From what I have researched, I am going to get the Nook color- it lets you browse the web and has more choices for books from what I have heard. Kindle only lets you buy from Amazon but the Nook has several places to buy from (or so I am told...) Also, the Nook is coming out with Apps in the near future like Pandora radio and games so it is looking more like the IPAD.


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