Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I want to blog about...

...but don't have enough to say on each topic to make up a full blog entry so I'll just lump them all together here:

1.  I've been engaged three times.  The man I married was the third, and I wore the dress I'd bought planning to marry the second.  I never really intended to marry the first, I think - I was 16, for crying out loud!  Is it ironic that I've ended up pledging my life to man who claims to not believe in marriage?

2.  The poorest person I've ever known works 50 hours a week, has worked at the same company for over 20 years, and is a Veteran of the United States Armed Services.  He and his wife had two children, but placed them for adoption - they couldn't afford food and diapers and wanted to give the boys a better life.

3.  Something like half of the thank-you notes from my wedding in 2002 never got finished and mailed.  I think about this almost weekly - is 9 years and a divorce later too long to send "I'm sorry it took so long, but we really appreciated the gift." notes?  I think a nice touch would be a line at the bottom that says "We divorced in 2006 - your gift went with the wife, and I still think of you fondly when I use it."  Classy, right?

4.  Finn whines for at least 30 minutes after we get home from work each day - he carries around his "baby" (currently, a stuffed squirrel that's missing a foot and both ears) stuffed into his mouth as far as it'll go, whining a high-pitched cry.  It's a sound I'd expect to hear if we'd locked him in the kitchen or broke out the kennel and told him it was his new home.  But he's doing it while roaming freely from room to room, following close on my heels or lying next too me as I computer.  It's not new, it's just odd as a box of hair.

5.  I ran for a full 30 minutes last night.  No stopping.  No cheating.  It's the first time I've exercised in weeks, and it was so hard, but it felt awesome and I want to do it again.  I got all sweaty - that awesome feeling you get after you work really hard and get all sweaty?  It's relatively foreign to me, but I dig it.

6.  Jimi loves his new ukulele so much; he takes over his computer for hours every night so he can look up new songs and practice.  It's amazing how much progress he's made in such a short amount of time.  To be fair, he's got somewhat of a musical background with guitars, so it's not like stringed instruments are new to him, but I'm still super impressed.  Just reinforces my growing belief that he knows something about everything and is good at everything.  He's amazing, that man of mine.

7.  Wait.  This is starting to sound like a regular blog entry.  Shit.


  1. Yes to #5, but it is sooo hard to find the motivation to start! Congrats on 30 mins! I run around my neighborhood and slow down when coming up on green lights, praying they'll turn red by the time I get there so I can stop, haha.

  2. #2 broke my heart - I can't imagine feeling this was a choice I had to make.

    #4 - our deranged cat does this too!! I thought it was part of her unique weirdness, but apparently not. She will also leave the room we're all sitting in, go to another floor of the house and proceed to yowl and cry as if she's the most neglected animal on earth. We then have to call her repeatedly before she comes back, having tested and been re-assured of our love once again.

    #5 - gotta love those exercise endorphins. The problem is your body gets used to them and if you miss your regular workout, you get really, really bitchy. So you're that much fatter and mean to boot!

  3. we have a brain damaged cat that carries a periwinkle fleece glove and CRIES. It's his 'Baby'.

    I need to exercise. I hate running. It jars my girl parts I bet. I like myo varies where they are, thank you.

    I have a Not As Boring Entry today, LOL.

  4. My cousin got married (the first time) and about 8 months later or so she sent thank you notes for the wedding gift we got her and included an 8x10 portrait of her and her husband on their wedding day. Nice, no? She also included in the thank you note the little fact that she and hubby were no longer together. Why did we need this picture? I don't know.

  5. I'm giving you the Chef Moltar award. It's somewhere around here, you can look if you want.

    Hey, what do you do to get motivated to run? I can't stand any exercise AT ALL, but I've got runkeeper on my phone and two activities logged, so yeah. I have no motivation and am looking to be inspired by outside sources rather than the size of me ass.

    Wow, long ass comment. Sorry!

  6. Mollie, I'm no help, then, because the size of my ass is the only motivator I've got.

    Kari, Maybe she had bunches left over and had no idea what to do with them so she was like "here, I'll give them to my family!"

    Kimberly, I stand by my request - will you home-school my kids too? You know, when I have them.

    Ixy, #2 breaks my heart every day. It's like the most unfair and awful thing I've ever seen.

    true story - I don't know your name or what to call you and "elephant friend" would probably be taken the wrong way - the only motivation i've got is that these calories aren't going to burn themselves, and it feels really good to sweat.

    Adriana, I love almost everything you post, so I'm way flattered.

    This comment love stuff is awesome, guys. Thanks for being so nice!

  7. I loved your post!!
    Although because I have to be honest I was a little confused but only for a second. First I was saddened by the man you know who has to work 50 hours a week. How is your quality of life suppose to stay positive with that looking in your face every new week....heartbreaking.
    Secondly when I read #4 I thought that Finn was a child. Which was fine. I can totally see a child whinning when you come through the door with a teddy in their mouth...the confusion set in when I read "locked in the kitchen."
    It made me laugh =)
    Oh and thank you cards are least that's what I keep telling myself because I can NEVER remember to send any for anything. Have a great week!!!!


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