Thursday, March 3, 2011


The total was $16.93.

I only had a $20.  I could've scrounged for change, but I was feeling lazy.

Besides, I'm paying a $2 delivery fee, right?  Surely he gets some of that - even though their website proclaims quite loudly to the contrary.

But I was feeling lazy.

So I gave the guy the lame $3 tip.  His unenthusiastic, but still very polite, "Thank you very much, ma'am" let me see his disappointment and I almost said "hold on!" so I could run inside and scrounge for change.  But I didn't.  I just turned and walked back up on the porch.

And as I went to pick up my book to go back inside, my full, just-opened beer fell off the arm of the chair and rolled off the porch.

Karma.  It's a bitch.


  1. or maybe the lesson was; "Don't leave open cans of beer perched in precarious places."

    or maybe it was to tip better....
    The local cafe has a tip jar with a sign that says "Tipping is Good for your Karma".

    I made a lazy post today. cuz I am so lazy.

  2. Somebody gives me a $3 tip, I'm over the moon. Ungrateful sod.

  3. I must be cheap because I think a $3 tip for the delivery guy is enough... especially when you have a convenient $20 bill. My theory is if I tip better than George Costanza then I'm doing alright :) hehehe


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