Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's gonna be awesome.

It's Friday.

I'm going into work way early so I can finally get through that stack of papers I've been reshuffling daily for the last 2 weeks.

Did I mention it's Friday?

I'm going to have a smoothie for breakfast, and make one for my man.

No one's gonna piss me off or put me in a bad mood.

Sunshine and rainbows and kittens, that's today.

Tell me what awesome things you're doing this weekend, please?


  1. holla for sunshine & rainbows * * happy friday ;)

  2. Tomorrow when I get off work at 11, I am going to walk my happy ass across the street and spend every penny of my tip money for the week at the farmers market.

  3. Kart Kountry tonight with my Man and our BFF. Chrohn's walk tomorrow followed by company picnic at Slugger Field. Thinking of kidnapping my Man's grandson in the morning and going to the Zoo... it's going to be an awesome day!

  4. I'm running the Race for Life in Regent's park here in London - should be fun :)

  5. Yay to Fridays!!!

    This weekend I put out an open invitation to everyone (via FB) to come join us on Saturday evening and watch "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and eat Mrs. Bean's Famous Ginger Nutmeg Apple Snaps.

    No one will show up, but at least my oldest son is SUPER excited about "family movie night." :)

  6. I just started following you today. So, I will be reading your not-boring-at-all blog on this fine Friday.

  7. We are doing as little as possible this weekend. Hanging out, playing some games, reading, all good stuff.

  8. Birthday party for meeee!! Which means introducing my guy to my friends, which should be interesting. :)

  9. I got cleared by the doctor to go home! Yay! And even though my shift starts on Sunday, he didn't clear me to go back until Monday! Double yay!

    I'm gonna play the shit outta Red Dead Redemption online, since the PSN is up and running once more and I haven't gotten to play any video games for 3 weeks during my recovery! :)

  10. I have to work both Saturday and Sunday, so nothing awesome for me this weekend.


Please don't make me cry.


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