Sunday, May 29, 2011

I love today because I don't have to work tomorrow.

My brother's not allowed to save any of the food we bring him during visitation - to prevent bugs, I imagine.  I didn't realize this when I brought 2 pizzas, bread and sauce, salad, and cookies.  There's a way around the rules, apparently - put all the food you want to save in a plastic grocery bag, then inside an empty pizza box, and gingerly place it in the trash.  Either have a friend looking out for you to sneak it upstairs, or you wait until later and do that deed yourself.  You can eat like a king for a day or so at least!  He said this was only the second time he's had salad since November.

I swore I was going to clean my house this weekend.  I ran the dishwasher before we left earlier - and even I recognize this doesn't count as cleaning the house.

I walked and I biked and I tried to do a 10 minute yoga program but only lasted 5 minutes.  In my defense, I don't know what I'm doing and the chick was going too fast for me to keep up.  I'll try again, though.  Oh yes I will.

This dude showed up on my crown molding just a bit ago:

He lives in a ziploc bag now:
(Jimi was going to take him outside and let him go free, but for some reason Jimi's not wearing pants and so he obviously cannot go outside.  I'll be damned if I'm going to get my fingers anywhere near this monster, so until Jimi puts on pants, this spider has to live in this bag.  I hope he can breathe.  Sorta.)

Did I mention I need to clean my house?  I should do some grocery shopping too.  I need more ziploc bags.  


  1. You can always reuse that bag after the spider is set free. :) Then again, maybe not. In that first photo? Yeah, it looked like spider-zilla. I may have screeched a little when I saw it. I'm just THAT afraid of spiders.

    By the way, I love that you mentioned running the dishwasher isn't really "cleaning." I've done laundry and counted it as cleaning before. Yep, sure have. Telling myself that sometimes motivates me to do more...but usually it just makes me feel lazy for doing less. :)

  2. Argh!!! OMG!! Some warning before you post horror photos, please! Haha, can you tell I have a minor spider issue?

    Of course the dishwasher counts as cleaning. That's crazy talk there.

    lol the word verification is "mackshet". Mack that shet up!

  3. Did you know lemon juice will keep spiders away? Really! You can put lemon juice in a spray bottle and spritz it where these guys show up and they will NOT cross that line.

  4. He's going to set it free??????????

    I am not so kind, no siree bob. What if it liked living in my house and decides to just saunter right back in the way he came the first place? En to the double oh way Jose!

  5. UGH! I hate spiders!

  6. I agree with Ixy!! A disclaimer is necessary. I am now itching all over my body at the sight of that spider!


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