Thursday, May 19, 2011


After Tuesday's political rant, I have to confess:

Tuesday was Primary day here in Kentucky.
I didn't vote.

I'm a bad American.


  1. I don't vote either.

    I don't really educate myself on the issues because...I'm not interested in the issues. So...I don't really complain about crap too much that happens in my state and such.

    Oh! And I'm lazy. LOL!

    Let's be "bad Americans" together.

  2. And I think I didn't see your political rant either. I wasn't picking on you for ranting! I promise.


  3. I really didn't think there were any Democrats on the ballot - I thought the Republicans were picking their candidate for govenor and I was off the hook. Then, when I heard there were races i could've voted on, I didn't know anything about any candidates so I didn't bother.

    :( I'll try harder.

  4. I've never voted.

    Worst American Ever.

  5. I actually managed to get out and vote, but didn't know it was Primary Election Day until about an hour or so before I normally leave for work. I can't say you missed a lot, November is going to be the important one.

  6. I can see why you makes complete sense. I usually dont want to either cause i think politics are so absolutely corrupted these days.

    I am a strong member of the NAT party, though!


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