Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Yelling!

I hate conflict.  I want everyone to like me all the time.  Yelling?  Forgeddaboudit.  Yelling breaks down lines of communication - you'll never convince anyone you're right if you're screaming in their face.

There was lots of conflict at work yesterday, and it culminated with one co-worker yelling in the face of another. To complicate matters further, the yeller was our boss.  That sets a lovely comfortable tone for the office, feel me?

I don't deal well with yelling - I think it's disrespectful and never the right thing to do, particularly in a "professional" setting.  I understand emotions take hold and sometimes we feel like we'll explode, but screaming and shouting?  Grown-ups don't solve problems that way.

I'm nervous about two things today as I get ready to start my workday -  I'm nervous that the boss won't apologize, which I think is a necessary thing, no matter how justified he's convinced himself he was; and I'm nervous that my friend will leave, which is what I would do if I'd been in her shoes yesterday.  Respect is such an important part of any relationship, and hurling angry words at a person is a sign that respect is sorely lacking.

Mistakes were made on both sides, is my view, and this hurdle can be overcome and we can all move forward in a happy-go-lucky manner - but there will have to be a calm discussion of the facts from yesterday; I don't think that scene will fade from our minds and go away without some real closure.

And I'm going to be late.


  1. Hope today is nice and calm and quiet.

  2. Ooooh, I hate to be yelled at or feel like I'm in trouble. So much! I have only been yelled at ONCE by a co-worker, and I was shaky and sick about it forever. I hope your friend feels ok!

  3. Oh, I hear ya girl. When I was still a child (like 23 years old) I was supervising a much older woman who broke a really important rule, and I was the one who had to tell her about the consequences...and ohmygosh did she yell right up in my face and act like a total jerk-wad. Today, I'd be able to handle it so much better, but that day, yes...I was shaky and sick about it! Hope your day goes okay, sweetie.

  4. I once worked at a job where I was yelled at all the time for things that were out of my control. I'm pretty sure my boss was bipolar (not joking). Once another event planner and I were literally up for 48 hours straight setting up, working and breaking down our biggest event of the year and NOTHING WENT WRONG. Afterwards, the only thing boss's wife said to us was 'It could have gone better.' Boss took us into the hotel next door to the piano bar for a celebratory drink. About 5 minutes after getting our drinks he started yelling at us about something unrelated to the night. We both ended up in our shared hotel room crying on the phones with our sig others threatening to quit. We didn't. We're suckers.


Please don't make me cry.


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