Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I saw today:

 1.  Pictures I took on Mother's Day and then promptly forgot about.  (These are of plants I bought Momma last year - those big tall crazy things?  They're lilies.)

2.  This little guy is happy outside.  
This plant was saved by Stacy from Granny's house after Granny died.  I've been trying to get this cutting to take off for over a year now.  One of these days...

3.  The frost bad-touched my Wandering Jew.

4.  Elephants in the bathroom window. No, they're not humping.

5.  Steve gave me a bonsai for my birthday.  I hope I don't kill it.

6.  I like this book, even if it is fluff.

7.  I'm pretty sure I've killed the roses.

8.  Can you see the kitten?

9.  Who could ever resist that face?

10.  Please tell me there's dirty laundry piled in your hallway waiting to go down to the basement too?  Please?  

11.  Branch down!

12.  Told you I polished my nails again.  

13.  If the world had ended on Saturday, at least my lips would've looked good.

14.  We're going to paint our bedroom this color:

15.  And hang this on one wall.

16.  And this will continue to hand on the other wall.

17.  There's a pineapple in my kitchen.  We need to do something with it soon.

18.  I bought these guys from Ikea.  
They nearly died, but I'm saving them.  

19.  This is going to be an elephant ear plant.

20.  I need to re-polish my toenails.  


  1. i have 2 pineapples from my daughters luau... let's get creative... what can we do with them?

  2. Well this was... random! But it works!

    I kill most of my plants.

    Elephants with trunks up mean good luck!!

    I'm not sure what elephants piggy backing means....

  3. You were not kidding. This is my first time here and it is pretty fucking boring. You are very pretty though.


  4. Can I count that as my first ever hater comment? Can it be hater comment if she followed up the hate with "You're pretty"?

    I'm so confused.

  5. First, though I love pickles that person is nuts. Though you are purty.

    Second, speaking of pretty love #13. Awesome picture of you.

    Third, love the color in #14. Paint away Notie!


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