Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gray and Green

(Those are the colors outside my window.)

One of these days, I won't drop the "f" bomb in every entry I write.  Maybe after I have kids.  Maybe.

It looks stormy outside.  It's not storming right now, but it looks like it's thinking about it.

My belly is very sad and I don't know what I did to upset it so.

I re-polished my nails last night.  I think I put the coats on too thick or didn't allow enough drying time in between, because this morning they're patterned after the woven threads in my sheets.  Thank goodness for high thread count.

I'm going to work early today.  Not too early, but early enough to get a head start on the day.  I feel like such a go-getter on days like this.

Today, I'm looking forward to:  Coffee, Lunch, the end of the day at 5 o'clock, coming home to my puppy, Jimi's smile when he comes through the gate.

What's going to be awesome about your Tuesday?


  1. My awesomeness shall manifest itself as blowdrying my hair and going grocery shopping with an almost 4 year old.

  2. Wow...Mollie and I have the exact same amazing day planned! I will also be bringing a 1 year old...you know...for fun. ;)

  3. Mollie - You are a very brave woman! I attempted the grocery store with child in tow once and only once!

    I love that this blog is searching for things to make a dreary day feel happy. Maybe it's an attitude I should apply to my current life settings.

    I was thinking about making a quiche when I get out of work today. I'm looking forward to that and curling up on the couch with this great new book I started called The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.

  4. If I am going to be totally honest...After the kiddies are in bed I am going to sit down with a mug of hot sweet tea (only because I am out of wine) and watch Glee--cause it makes me happy =)
    Have a great Tuesday!!


  5. I've never gone to the grocery with a child. When I fantasize about being a mom, I ignore day-to-day life things like that because i'm afraid it'll change my desire to have children.

    MMW, I like that you like this blog. :) The Glass Castle is a great book, but oh, i cried and cried.

    Crystal, I'd make a special trip for more wine, but I guess sometimes tea is the more grown-up choice. I've only watched a few episodes of Glee, but I love it every time. When we get a new blu-ray player and i can watch netflix again, I'm totally watching from the beginning.

  6. This Tuesday is somewhat awesome because it's essentially my Friday. I've got Wednesday and Thursday night off.

  7. My only claim to awesomeness today was surviving the day with a 10 yr old who had a migraine.


Please don't make me cry.


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