Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Derby Day!

I saw sunshine when I woke this morning, but it looks like clouds are already moving in.  I hope the rain hold off - for selfish reasons, mostly (I'm sick of the rain and my sump pump has been running nonstop for weeks), but also because Derby is always better when the sun's shining.  A sloppy track is rough on everyone, horses included.  My Daddy says he loves going to the Derby and seeing all the beautiful women, and that makes him sound like something he's not, but I get what he means; I like to watch on TV (or, these days, check out the pics on Facebook) and see the beautiful women - Derby wear is serious bidness, and I'm always curious to see what everyone's wearing.  I love oohing and ahhing over the gorgeous dresses and wayoutofmypricerange hats.  To see all that get ruined by rain and mud, well, that's lame.

My friend Harmony posted this:  A Derby Day blessing- If it rains, may it rain briefly. If you bet, may you win gratefully... or may you lose gracefully. Let the drinks be cold, the tips be hot, let us honor the animals that make this day great and enjoy good times with the people that make it special. Amen.

Beer brewing has been cancelled for the day, but there will still be chicken smoking and well, I don't know what else.  Steve's coming over and I'm going to have to clean, that's all I know. 

My Momma is visiting her sister this weekend, so I won't see her until tomorrow afternoon.  Just as well, I've only got part of her gift together.  Daddy's birthday is Monday, so I'd better figure out something for him, too.  

I might go back to bed for a few hours.  

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