Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Apparently, I'm a moron.

"On next, The State of the Union Address and the Republican Response...,"  says the TV.

"The Republican Response?," I thought, ears perked up.  I looked up, unsure of the channel we were watching - we'd just been watching some network station, and this sounded, to my ignorant ears, like something else.

"What channel is this on?," I asked Jimi, who was standing in the doorway across the room, watching the dramatic introduction along with me.

"Every channel," he said, thinking I meant the program rather than the station itself, I guess.

I was still confused.  "What's this Republican Response thing?  What's that about?"

"They always do that, allow the opposing party to have a chance to speak, a rebuttal, if you will."  I can hear the "duh" in his voice.

I'm even more confused.  "Wha...?  How have I lived 30 years and never heard about this?  What the hell?"

He's still using his "duh" voice, "Have you ever watched a State of the Union Address?"   Duh.

"I thought I had..."  I'm remembering my 4 years of MCJROTC, where watching the State of the Union Address earned me extra credit 4 years running.  I'm remembering listening to Bush in his first term, when I was still a registered Republican who loved my President and believed Iraq and Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.  I admit, I skipped the second term Addresses, mostly, with maybe the exception of the first 15 minutes or so (that was all I could tolerate), but still, I'm a pretty intelligent person, and I'm not ignorant when it comes to politics.

How have I never heard of this?

I'm oblivious.  I live in my own little world.  This proves I need my own island nation.  All this politics shit is hard - I just want to live my life.   Duh.

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