Sunday, January 2, 2011

I might sound a little bitchy.

There's a little pit in the center of my stomach that's starting to grow.  I felt it there Friday, but I ignored it.  It showed up again Saturday, but it was Saturday, so I was able to put it off again.   But today?  Today is Sunday, and reality is about to crash in on me -

Vacation.  Is.  Over.

Damn, and it sucks.    

Back to work tomorrow; back to the daily grind of phone calls and emails and customers and drivers.  Time to sort through the days of paper and orders and inventories and schedules; it'll be Wednesday before I know which end is up.  

But, hey, at least I've got a job, right?  And isn't it always fun to go back after being out and get to tell all the stories you would've told last week, except you weren't at work last week and so you've got all KINDS of things to share with your work family?  Why am I turning everything into a question?

I do have that pit, though.  I don't want vacation to be over; I want another two weeks to do all the things I should've done in the last two weeks, like laundry and painting and cleaning and organizing.  I want to get a paycheck and not have to actually go anywhere or do any work to earn it.  Wish in one hand...

I didn't take a picture yesterday, either.  I've taken pictures every day for the last week, and yesterday, the first day of my resolution to take a picture every day in 2011, I didn't take a picture.  I fail so hard.

And Megan was right, I should've done SOME exercise last night, but I swear my intentions are good and I'm totally going to exercise for an hour today.  (And I'll eat BEFORE - I read that Sumo wrestlers eat all of their meals after working out, then take a nap immediately after eating, to encourage their body to store the food as fat rather than using it for energy.  I'm pretty sure I've almost always eaten after I've worked out - the four or so times in my life I've worked out.)  

I slept like shit last night.  Get up at noon, spend the day riding around in a car and/or sitting at a table, do nothing physical, drink a 5-Hour Energy shot at 7 p.m., and attempt bed at 1 a.m. - go ahead, I dare ya.  You'll sleep like shit too.  I tossed and turned all night, and all night, while I fluttered in and out of consciousness, I "dreamed" about Nat the Fat Rat.  I spent an hour or so before bed reading some of her favorite posts of 2010, which she linked from her year-end review post.  I like her; partially because her name is Natalie, so she's obviously awesome, but also because damn, that girl can write.  And she sure did make a cute baby.  I want to be more like her.

There's something going on with my left eye and it's really starting to bug me.  It feels like there's a lump or something on my cornea - I can't see anything when I look in the mirror, but I can feel something.  And it'll just spontaneously tear up - and not stop.  I think it may have something to do with my contacts, so I guess I'm going to not wear them for a few days and see what happens.  

Because we were gone all day yesterday, I wasn't able to fix the traditional corned beef and cabbage and boiled potatoes and black-eyed peas for New Year's dinner.  We're going to pretend, though, and have it all tonight instead.  I can almost taste it already.  

I'm going to tackle the laundry today.  I'm not starting another workweek with my clothes in such disarray, with so much chaos waiting to greet me each and every working morning, starting my day off in not exactly the best way, probably.  I'll post pictures, but not yet - I can't dare show you what the before looks like without having an after to make it all better.  I'm too ashamed.  But I'll be back tonight, with pictures and a clean, tidy laundry room.  Cross my heart.  

As if you care.

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