Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sometimes I write some really awful crap and I want to go back and delete it but I don't because it's already out there and it was true, even if only for a drunken moment.  My bad. I think Kari knew what I was trying to say, at least.  :)

We had dinner last night with Megan.  She writes The Ramblings of a Realist and she's very nice.  She left me a really flattering comment a while back and she's local and so we friended up on Facebook and made a dinner date.  And we're going to go roller skating next week, too.  I'm super excited.

Poor Jimi got my stomach icks last night and into today, bless his little heart.  I'm convinced we picked it up from the nursing home visit, but hell, everyone has been sick - the boss man was sick last week with the same thing.  Tis the season.

We're reheating Jimi's magic chickenthighnoodlethatshouldvebeenadumpling soup for dinner, with the fresh-baked Amish bread grilled with the idontrememberitsname cheese Kathy was kind enough to bring us from Glasgow's Farmer's Market.  The soup is delicious and has awesome healing qualities - or at least it felt that way Monday night.

I feel so unmotivated and tired and lazy and bored.  I've got to get on with this exercising thing.  Two weeks into it, and I've not done more than a few crunches and one good dog-walk.  Unacceptable.  No wonder I feel like shit.

One of these days I'll stop saying "I'm going to..." and I'll just do it.

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