Friday, January 21, 2011

My doors froze. How'd that happen?

I have money in my bank account today that isn't earmarked to go to someone else, so I celebrated by treating myself to my favorite lunch - lobster bisque and a rosemary ham and goat cheese sandwich on ciabatta bread.  Just typing that makes my mouth water, and I'm still in the middle of eating.

We didn't get any more snow last night, but the temperature dropped down to single digits and when I went to start my car this morning, I experienced something that apparently everyone on the planet has experienced before, but it was my first time - my doors were frozen shut.  I was confused at first, and figured I must've locked the doors last night when I got home, so I stuck the key in and turned and pulled on the handle...and still nothing.  I thought "The doors are frozen", followed immediately by "no effing way".  I lived in Michigan for three years, and my doors never froze on me.  After trying all the others, I finally managed to get the back passenger door to open, but I wasn't about to climb into the front from the back, not with my feet covered in snowy boots.  So I moved the back of the passenger seat forward, and stretched in Go-Go-Gadget style and got the key in the ignition and the defroster turned all the way up.  I went inside to finish getting ready, and 15 minutes later, I was standing outside my drivers' side again, dumbfounded, because even though the ice was gone from the windows, the door still wouldn't open.  After a few hip bumps, I got the passenger front door open and was able to lean across and open the driver door from the inside.  Finally.  And I was 10 minutes late to work.  You bet your ass I told the whole drawn-out story to my boss, too, when he playfully started to give me shit for being late. 

Work has been hard this week.  There's so much to do, and not nearly enough hours or interest to get it done.  Which frustrates me and makes me feel overwhelmed, when I really should just buckle down and start at the top of my list and work my way down.  Everything feels like the top of the list, though. 

And now I've finished my lunch and I really want a nap. 

TGIF, baby.  TGIF.

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