Monday, January 31, 2011

Mondays are hard.

Mondays are sometimes very hard.  At least I brought my A game this morning - I called to check on our newest driver as soon as I got to my office.  Good thing, because he was not in Atlanta, as he was supposed to be, but was instead just getting in the shower at his house here in Louisville, and then was going to come in to talk to me.  Awesome.  So I called that customer, then called the customer expecting the pickup this afternoon on the backhaul, then spent the next 4 hours rearranging my schedule and begging other locations to send me their drivers so I could get some shit delivered.  I think it's all worked out, for now, but man, I'm exhausted.  And now I can begin my regular work.  And start trying to find another driver.  But it could've been much worse; if I hadn't checked on the guy at 8 a.m., I wouldn't have known about the problem for another3 hours or so and by then there would've been a disaster in the making.  Instead of letting the shitty parts of the morning ruin my Monday, and therefore start my week off on the wrong foot, I'm going to focus on what went right and move forward and assume things will get easier as the week progresses.  I'm lying to myself, but that's okay.


  1. Nothing to do with anything, but I had a dream that you and I sang karaoke "Whatta mighty good man" to our respective men for some reason

  2. Haha. Best random comment ever.


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