Friday, January 7, 2011

Count your blessings.

Jimi's brother learned yesterday that a good friend of his has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  The guy is my age, give or take a couple years in either direction.  I asked Jimi what kind of cancer - "everything cancer", he said, "Lung, liver, colon.  It's everywhere."  So he must have been in a lot of pain and having a lot of health troubles for a while, right?  "No.  He had blood in his stool and went to have it checked.  They found it on the CT scan."


I don't know this guy, but I met him once, in passing, as he was leaving Jason's house.  He had his five-year-old son with him - it was his boy's birthday, and they were spending the day together doing "men things".  It was obvious that his son was the light of his world, and that, in his son's eyes, he'd hung the moon.


I'm wondering how receptive my doc would be if I called him up and was all, "Um, Dr. R, think maybe you could schedule me for a full-body CT and/or MRI?  Just for shits and giggles?  Just to make sure?"

Do doctors do that?

I hate cancer.  Fuck cancer.


  1. I'm sorry. Stories like this make me uber sad. I hate cancer too. I REALLY hate it. I know a little boy, beautiful, sweet, and wonderful, who had neuroblastoma. He didn't make it. He was five. I hate cancer.

    I always wonder that, too, about doctors. I would love to put my oldest son through a CT scan just in case. He's always complaining about a pain in his leg (and now he's getting headaches) and I know that it's just me being a paranoid mom. But then...I always think of little Liam and how he had cancer. I wonder if they'll just randomly take you a "just in case."

    The gentleman mentioned in your blog, and his family, are in my prayers.

  2. That is currently what my dad is going through. Stage 4 colon cancer - it's in his colon, liver and lungs. He has two tennis ball sized lumps - one in his colon and one in his liver. My dad has been sick on and off for a year - had 2 surgeries to remove bowel obstruction but they never found the cancer until this past october.

    they gave him 3 months to live if he does not take chemo. with all the surgeries he's had, he is 5' 10 and weighs less than 125lbs at the beginning of his chemo treatment. he started on thanksgiving day.

    however, even with all the bad news for hi, the doctors still have hope of a remission. There is ALWAYS hope.

    I hurt for this friend. I hurt for his 5 year old. My stepson is 5 and is a constant joy. I cant imagine a little boy that young having to understand grief and hurt. I'm so sorry this little boy has to watch his superhero Daddy get sick. My heart breaks for them.

    I wish so much that this friend weathers through this time. There is always hope, and he has so much to be strong for. Sorry for the sad comment.

  3. Ellen, I'm so so sorry about your Daddy. :( But you're absolutely right - there IS always hope. Thank you for reminding me. I forget sometimes that things aren't always what they appear.


Please don't make me cry.


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