Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I guess implants could count as your "something new"...

This Bridalplasty show is a joke, right?  Have you seen this crap?  Chicks compete against each other in various contests centered around the wedding theme, and the winner gets a plastic surgery of her choice.

{valleygirlvoice}Like, oh em gee, YAY!{end valleygirlvoice}

Tonight they were making bridal bouquets, and one chick was hoping to win lipo on her belly or thighs; she'd already had her boobs done.  Another soon-to-be bride was sporting a bandaged nose; a third wore some sort of wrapping around her head, likely indicating some sort of lifting/sucking procedure in the facial area.  

I don't get it - ain't nobody cuttin' on me unless a doctor tells me it needs to happen.  (And a plastic surgeon saying my boobies are too small, or could use a little lift, or suggesting maybe he could "shape" my waist a bit does not count as a 'needs to happen'.  Ever.)  

These women are all beautiful, and I'm using their before-surgery photos as my reference when I say that.  I understand having features and facts about your body that you don't like, but I feel sorry for these women who are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they feel they need multiple surgical procedures to correct perceived flaws.  And I get wanting to look your best on your wedding day, but going under the knife a couple of times so you can be "perfect" seems extreme - what if you didn't wake up?  All because you wanted the fat sucked out of your thighs?  

We put so much energy into focusing on the wrong things.   

Moms, please teach your little girls to judge their value in the world based on how many smiles they encourage, how many kind words they say, how many helping hands they lend, how many truths they tell, how many random acts of kindness they perform.  Teach them their truest beauty is not something that can be seen in a mirror.  And don't let them marry a man who thinks it's a good idea to go on a reality show to win new boobs.  


  1. The whole thing makes me really sad too. I just hate that such an important day could become so clouded by trying to be someone eles. :(

  2. I watched that episode Monday. That show is completelty ridiculous. So chalked full of drama. That really are beautiful girls. It would be a great show if it was just competition for their dream wedding. But the plastic surgery aspect is petty and insecure. If their fiance loved them enough to.marry them, then they shouldn't put themselves through that. Sjdjdkd sorry, it frustrates me.


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