Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chick-fil-A, I have to break up with you.

We had such a good thing going - you supplied me with delicious morsels of bite-sized white meat chicken and awesome waffle fries, and I gave you my hard-earned money.  Jimi and I would come into your restaurant on Saturdays and sit at the table under the "LOVE" cutout and eat our Jesus chicken and watch the toddlers have the time of their lives playing in your playground.  I've sung your praises to my friends and family not only because of your awesome food, but also because of your amazing customer service and the fact that your counter people say things like "May I refresh that for you?" when I present them with my empty drink cup.  It was a beautiful relationship we had, you and I.

But then you had to go and be a bigot.  You had to put your money and your name behind organizations and events that propagate hate and the belief that not all men are created equal.  If you can't get behind equal rights for all, you tasty-chicken-hawker you, we can't be friends anymore.

I always understood that your organization was based on Christian beliefs and a fan of family values and such, what with my desire for your yummy chicken peaking every Sunday, when you're oh-so-conveniently closed so your employees can be with Jesus and their families.  That's completely fine.  But I thought you were one of those GOOD Christians - you know, the ones who believe all people should be treated with loving kindness.  You know, like Jesus said.

You tricksy trickster.  You're not one of those Christians.  You're one of those "Pro-Family" Christians that thinks it's perfectly fine to discriminate against people based SOLELY on a biological fact they can't change or control.  I got news for ya:  Families don't come in only one variety.  They come in all shapes and sizes and colors.  They involve moms and dads and children and aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and boyfriends and girlfriends and best friends.  When I'm dining at your facility, traditional, nuclear families are not what I find at the tables.  Your customers, the people who pay you the money you in turn are turning over to hate groups, do not fit the image of "family" that you say is the only right one.  I'm only telling you this because you obviously have no idea who's paying your bills.

I found a blog called Momastery last week, and that link will send you to an article posted there called "A Mountain I'm Willing To Die On", wherein the author wrote to her young child lines that resonate within me, because the words are so deeply true:

And if spiritual teachers are encouraging you to fear anyone, watch them closely, honey. Raise your eyebrow and then your hand. Because the phrase repeated most often in that Bible they are quoting is Do Not Be Afraid. So when they tell you that gay people are a threat to marriage, honey,think hard.

You know what else bothers me about this "Pro-Family" crap?  It's Anti-American.  This is 2011 - and we're still fighting for equal rights for all citizens in the Land of the Free?  What the fuck?  Seriously?  We're still dealing with people who think it should be perfectly acceptable to discriminate against Born-Here-Raised-Here-Consenting-Adults who engage in practices that are absolutely, by their very definition, none of your fucking business?  Move your company to another country, yo, because the shit you're preaching, it goes against the very FABRIC of what makes this nation great.  

It's personal.  It's private.  It doesn't have anything to do with you.  You don't get a say.  Back the fuck off.  

Stick to chicken, Chick-fil-A; politics ain't your place.  I'm incredibly pissed off that you've taken your delicious nuggets from my world forever, but I'd rather eat shit than support a hatemonger.  


  1. You are such a great writer, Nat. Very well said.

  2. Agreed with the above. This makes me so incredibly sad. I'm never eating at Chick-Fil-A again :(

  3. damnit. back to taco bell.


    g (from momastery)


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