Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If you don't have anything to

Sometimes I don't have anything to say but I want to write something anyhow; record the mundane, as if one day I'll want to read about that time Jimi made us stir-fry with steak and green and red pepper and onions and how it was super yummy and delicious and then we went for a walk with the dog and came home and he played his ukulele while I surfed the internet and wrote about just another Tuesday night.

I'll probably want to reminisce about it one of these days...or maybe I'll have a kid one day who wants to know what the Tuesday after Memorial Day, 2011, held for good ol' mom and pop.

Is that a good reason to blog?  The possibility that maybe one day someone might care about the random details of my life enough to read about them - even if I wrote them down every single flippin' day?

Yes?  Okay then.  In the interest of full disclosure, here are other things that went down yesterday:

~  I did the dishes after dinner.  All of them  And ran the dishwasher.  The sink and the counters are clear.  (The wok and iron skillet still need attention, but that's Jimi's job so I'm not counting them as dirty dishes and they're not factored into my glee over having an almost clean kitchen.)  (Yes, doing dinner dishes after dinner is a rare enough event that I'm blogging about it.)

~  I watered my bonsai tree with food-grade sanitizer.  See, there's this spray bottle I keep around for my plants, and it's clearly labeled "WATER".  I picked it up and went to town on the bonsai...and noticed there was foam forming.  WTF?!  Oh, I was pissed.  I'm still a little pissed, truth be told.  Why, oh why, would you put sanitizer in my water bottle?  The one you've seen me use to mist plants for the last year?  If my tree dies, I'll be so sad.  Jimi insists that because the sanitizer is "food grade", the tree will be fine.  I say those trees die if you look at them funny, much less wash them with soap.

~  I at 6.5 chocolate chip cookies.  2 of them were not yet baked.

~  Our dryer is broken.  :(  (That's a from-Monday event, but I haven't said anything about it yet, so it's going here.)  I'm going to try to replace the heating element today because I fancy myself a small-appliance repair genius (actually, someone told me it's pretty easy to replace a heating element on a dryer and if I can fix the problem for $50 myself I'd prefer bragging rights, thank you.)

I'm going to go start day 2 of my 2-day workweek now.  I hope you have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. You have ANOTHER long weekend coming up? You are the luckiest woman on earth!!!!! :D

  2. Indeed! We're going on our annual canoe trip this weekend, and I can't wait! 3 days of friends, fun, and the great outdoors!

  3. I have to say, I have a blog of my own, I half the time I don't write just because I feel I don't have anything witty or interesting to say. You've made me change my mind :D.

    By the way, my dog (Butters) loved his new bone you sent him. Thanks for the good laugh from the random items!


  4. The not baked chocolate chip cookies are the best!

  5. This is the stuff I live to read about, because then I can relate to my bloggy buddies better because then I'm like "HEY! That sounds JUST LIKE ME!" and I can laugh and know that my hubby and I aren't alone in the world. My favorite part about your day yesterday? You doing the dishes...because I totally didn't do the dishes, but because you did, I feel accomplished by association.

    Oh, and I'll be thinking the Bonsai. May it live a long and healthy life...despite the soap. :)

  6. I've gotten really into geneaology lately. I was recently given a set of encyclopedias that had been in my family for ages (they are copyright 1921). My great-grandmother used the encyclopedias to "blog". Some of the entries track my Pawpaw's journey in WW2 but a lot of them are "so and so came over for dinner. I'm wearing my blue chambry dress. It's hot as blue blazes today" stuff, and I LOVE it. However the saddest was when she wrote on her would-have-been 33rd wedding anniversary. Her husband (my great-grandfather) died young.

    Keep blogging about nothing - it's what creates the heart behind the history.

    E & I just recently started keeping a written journal - just inc ase someone down the line wants to read about what we had for dinner or how much we love each other.

  7. 6.5 cookies is impressive. I usually can't stop until at least 8 and 1/4.


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